Marvel’s Avengers: Everything You Need to Know about Beta Feedback & Fixes

Our Marvel’s Avengers Beta was BIG. How big? Check out our Beta Infographic at the end of this blog to find out!  

Millions of you played, for a total of tens of millions of hours. All of that data – combined with your feedback and feature requests – have made a major impact.        

We’ve got big plans for updates that will be a part of the Day One patch – on September 1 for those of you who have early access, and September 4 for our global launch!        

Read on for a breakdown of the updates and improvements planned.       

BETA FIXES (Multiplatform)        


  • Various crashes and game becoming unresponsive fixed              
  • Save game optimizations                          


  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking         
  • Additional matchmaking improvements               


  • Character Selection improvements: Fixed the issue where you couldn’t select or change Super Heroes                   
  • Companion respawn improvements              
  • Hulkbuster: Fixed the issue where the screen would turn black when another Super Hero would use the Hulkbuster              
  • Fixed issue with multiple Super Heroes spawning        
  • Fixed rare issue of players losing certain gear        
  • Various other improvements                

Missions and War Zones                  

  • Mission Summary improvements: Fixed issues with the Abomination fight                   
  • Missing strongbox fixes                          


  • Save game optimizations       
  • Fixed several reported crashes        
  • Rare crashes fixes         
  • Added a link to 1st Party store to main menu              


BETA FIXES (PC-Specific)               

  • We have seen how some people struggled with severe stutters/lag and irregular performance and we have made several fixes that will solve or at least improve those.        
  • A variety of fixes for crashes seen during the beta have been implemented, which includes certain older systems not being able to launch at all, but also some that occurred rarely during gameplay. We will keep monitoring for other crashes and will release updates as we have them.        
  • Multiple improvements and optimizations made to matchmaking.        
  • We have made fixes for issues surrounding microphone handling and muting other players.        
  • We have addressed some graphical issues, for example when using SSSR while having TAA turned off.        
  • We have solved issues with the Dynamic Screen Resolution feature, especially when it was combined with HBAO+. With those fixes we recommend turning on Dynamic Screen Resolution again (at your desired minimum frame-rate) to ensure you are able to stick to your desired frame-rate no matter how hectic the game gets.        
  • We have brought in some initial improvements to our support for ultra-wide and super-ultrawide screens, with us planning more for launch.        
  • Various other smaller fixes and improvements              



The data we gathered from our three Beta Weekends was invaluable, as was the feedback we got across social media, Reddit, and Discord! Based on that feedback, we made the following adjustments to the game to ensure a better experience for all.               

  • Camera Shake: Added an option in Settings to adjust Camera Shake Sensitivity        
  • Motion Blur: Decreased amount of motion blur during sprint and flight        
  • Vaulting: Improvement to vaulting: We heard it was a little sticky, so we’ve worked on it!        
  • Drop Delay: Decreased delay of loot drops: Based on your feedback        
  • Default Settings: Changed default settings to wide combat camera distance, heavy targeting assistance and matchmaking disabled               


As previously mentioned in our blog earlier this week, the Day One Patch is required to download in order to play the game. This contains many issues that were raised during the Beta as long as other fixes that needed to be implemented.              

  • Improvements to matchmaking       
  • Additional fixes for issues where characters would go out of the environment       
  • Additional UI fixes        
  • Additional performance improvements              


The Day One Patch isn’t where it ends though. We’re working on implementing features that were requested over the Beta and takes additional time to develop. We’ll keep you updated on these post-launch.              

  • Ping system in War Zones       
  • Subtitle sizing options       
  • High-contrast mode              


Keep the feedback coming! This is just the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers as we continue to expand on the story, bring new Super Heroes at no additional cost, and we can’t do it without you!              

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