Patch Notes v2.5.2

"Marvel's Avengers: Patch Notes"

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation – Aug 18
  • Xbox – Aug 18
  • Steam – Aug 18
  • Stadia – Aug 18

Patch Notes

  • We fixed an issue where the Mighty Thor’s intrinsic “All-Mother’s Blessing” ability wasn’t consuming intrinsic energy, as it’s designed to.
  • Mjolnir can do many things, but turning invisible is not one of them! The Mighty Thor’s hammer no longer disappears when performing a light attack after The All-Weapon ability ends.
  • The Mighty Thor’s hammer now glows (with raw, untamed energy, baby!) when using her “Lightning Rod” emote.
  • When performing a basic attack, the Mighty Thor’s hair no longer clips through her cape.