Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog: 10/29/2020

Happy Thursday Marvel fans, and welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog, where we’ll give you the scoop on news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more!   

We wanted to start this week’s blog by discussing what our team is up to. In short, we are always working on lots of different things at the same time.   

There are three general buckets of things the team works on:      

  1. Bug Fixes – This includes everything from major issues that are causing crashes down to small things like incorrect textures or graphical glitches.   
  2. New Content – This includes new features for the core game (like the upcoming ping system), but primarily the big post-launch releases like Operations. We’ve got teams working on the Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and future content releases, as well as doing preliminary work (like script writings, castings, and voiceover recordings) on even more post-release content.   
  3. Modified Content – Some members of our team look to improve and modify existing content so we can deliver things to our players faster. We introduce these modifications to see how it plays out and how it will affect the overall game, like Tachyon Rifts. We see these adjustments as bridges to new content.      

Over time, it’s our hope that players will find their niche and be able to find something they love, even if they really only want content they can enjoy solo, or content they can play through with their friends. We hope this gives players some insight on the amazing content we have planned for everyone!   

Priority Missions    

Priority Missions have modifiers that will challenge even the toughest Super Hero. Your first weekly completion of these missions earns you unique gear you won’t find anywhere else.    

Mayhem Over Manhattan    

Minimum Power Level 40   


  • Resurgence   
  • Turmoil   
  • Capacitor      

Guaranteed Reward: Epic Gear   

Agony and the Anthill   

Minimum Power Level 120   


  • Resurgence   
  • Famine   
  • Maelstrom   
  • Helix      

Guaranteed Reward: Polychoron & Hero-Specific Gear   


Priority HARM Room Challenges have additional modifiers and reward comics that increase your collection and boost your stats.  

Weekly First Completion Reward: Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #3 (0.5% Critical Chance)   

Minimum Power Level 15 Challenge  


  • Fireball   
  • Clash      

Minimum Power Level 100 Challenge, +5 Power Level Offset  


  • Maelstrom   
  • Torpedo   
  • Fireball      


The Mega Hive is a single-player chain of eight missions that tests your team’s might. Each week, you’ll have a shot at completing the Mega Hive mission chain. When you defeat all eight missions, the Mega Hive mission chain is removed from the War Table until the next weekly refresh, when you can run it again with new modifiers.    

This week’s modifiers include:        

  • Resurgence: Enemy health regenerates after a short delay.   
  • Famine: Enemies do not drop Regen Packs when defeated.   
  • Oasis: Regen Packs have increased Willpower benefit.   
  • Scourge: Significantly increased presence of Prime Synthoids.      

Weekly Rewards: As you progress through the Mega Hive, rewards start as basic gear, resources, and small amounts of cosmetic currency. The more missions you survive, the resource drops increase. As you near the final mission, you’ll see better gear and artifacts awarded more often, and increased chances for patterns/nameplates. When you complete all eight Mega Hive missions, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive goodies reserved for this gauntlet, including a significant amount of high-quality resources..    

Modifiers are game changers! Check out some pro-tips from our team that will help you prepare for this week’s challenges!      

  • Clash: When Clash is active, make sure to play a Hero who has strong melee abilities and equip gear high in the Might attribute. Don’t forget, enemies also inflict greater melee damage so watch out for combatants who try to get in close!   
  • Helix: When Helix is active Hulk becomes a force to be reckoned with. Leverage his intrinsic Rage ability and any of his gamma-infused attacks to dominate the battlefield. Don’t like playing Hulk? Make sure to equip gear that inflicts Gamma damage and has high Intensity to help trigger the Gamma status effect.      

We’ve done a takedown on prices! Takedowns have been halved from 1200 credits to 600 credits, so be sure to checkout the Marketplace the next time you’re online.   

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly and can all be purchased with Credits.   

Please read our latest patch notes from V1.3.4. here!   

Social Announcements   

Check out articles announcements you may have missed!      

Weekly Q&A Recap   

Last week, Crystal Dynamics Head of Studio Scot Amos answered some of your questions. If you didn’t catch it, get the highlights below!      

  1. When are we going to be able to replay the campaign? I really want to play it again and my brother wants to play it for the first time.  
    1. We love the campaign and definitely want you to be able to play through it again. While I can’t give a specific date, what I can say is that our first working version is in test right now.         
  2. Any chances of adding seasonal events with special modes, villains, places, and items? Also, random events and secrets inside missions would be a cool addition.  
    1. We love it. Any chance? For sure. Our primary focus is to address immediate issues affecting player experience, so we have the team dedicated to that, because it’s unacceptable that things aren’t working as they’re intended. We are rolling out special modes like Tachyon Rifts and the upcoming Cloning Lab… but we are anxious to get past the current state of anything affecting players negatively, so we can get to the villains, places, items, and special events we do have planned for the future.         
  3. Are we going to get more story driven content for each character?  
    1. Yes. We’re actually getting some new story content right now, in the form of the Tachyon Rifts, Cloning Labs, Substation Zero, leading into Kate’s story—they’re all connected narratively, and we have a full plan for all the heroes post main campaign. You’ll soon get to experience Kate’s operation and her own story, which will throw threads out there for future stories we’ll be telling. We definitely want to expand the Iconic chains further down the road.         
  4. Will our existing 6 Avengers get any updates for their skill trees, and if so, is there a place where fans can give suggestions for these upgrades?  
    1. We know we want to expand upon the Heroes, look at what they can do, and how we can let you further refine and customize them. We will absolutely take any feedback or suggestions and bring it back to the team to see what they think.         
  5. Is cross-platform gonna be a thing for Marvel’s Avengers?  
    1. In the near future, cross-gen play will be a thing, so you can play with your friends if you have a PS5 and they have a PS4. We are also very aware that the more people that we can connect together, the better we all are. I’ll leave it there for now, but it is certainly top of mind.         
  6. Are other gameplay mechanics going to be addressed for the future of Marvel’s Avengers?  
    1. We are making new mechanics for Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, such as how they fight, how they move, and what their Heroics do. We’re also working on what else to do with the world and new ways to interact with it. They just take a lot more time, but we are definitely attacking that. Tachyon Rifts are a simple example with an added time mechanic, but there are more mechanics coming with future content.         
  7. Loved the game but it’s taking too long for new content like Hawkeye or other characters. Any news on that?  
    1. We would certainly love to put everything in your hands immediately, but these things just take time. We also have new bosses coming along with new heroes. Keep an eye out for Kate’s official drop date.         
  8. Please give us a roadmap if you can, ok? We know you’re working hard. Please do your best. We believe in you.  
    1. Thank you! I believe in this team, and we certainly believe in you. We have so many plans for the future and we’re just scratching the surface. One thing we learned was that we show a date and we get to a point where it’s just not perfect yet or where it needs to be, hence why we pushed Kate back. We also have some critical issues to fix first. We don’t want to date anything unless we’re really sure because we know how disappointing it gets. We are working actively on how to communicate that roadmap to you, which we’re excited for.         
  9. Stability is really harsh on PC. How is this being addressed?  
    1. It’s disturbing for us as well. We have a team that is not getting a lot of sleep working on this. We don’t have one silver bullet answer, but we are patching several issues at a time. We’re asking for help from our partners and we’re dedicated to this every single day.         
  10. Will we be seeing some bigger variation in level design in future content and perhaps retroactively in existing War Zones?  
    1. We have certainly heard this feedback and we are working on it. It’s all about baby steps and adding variations. We’re definitely pushing things quickly and it is on our list, but it does take time. Future expansions will come with new biomes, new geography, new shapes, new sounds, so we can’t wait to get to that. As soon as we can get it to you, we will.            

Community Challenge    

Team up with the global player base to meet mega-goals and unlock rewards.   

Goal: Defeat 7.5M Adaptoids   

Reward: Nameplate: Captain America 72   

Community Spotlight    

Check out this week’s community spotlight, featuring some fantastic shots showcasing Ms. Marvel!   

Digital Photography by Gayming_Avenger   

Digital Photography by llMikeZll   

Digital Photography by KatticusTV    

Digital Photography by Patman_Parkour   

Till next week, we’ll see you online, and in-game!