Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #79

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog, where we’ll give you the scoop on news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more!

It’s another Double Resources weekend from 3/3 to 3/7! Earn double the Units and check out the new Shipment items!

The Cosmic Threat Event has returned! From 3/3 to 3/17, suit up to face off with the Scientist Supreme and earn Exotics!

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Designer Alexander Kende and Narrative Director Nicole Martinez are here to discuss Narrative Gear Name Changes!

We standardized the naming of hundreds of Perks to be far clearer on what kinds of buffs they give your Hero.

For example, Blitz and Breaker were both suffixes used to denote an increase in damage. Now, all Perks that increase damage under a certain condition or from a certain attack will end in the standardized suffix Breaker—you will no longer see “Blitz”. Note that Breaker only affects damage; if a Perk affects damage and something else, it will have a different term.

Here’s a Hero-specific example: Captain America had Rally Cry Safeguard and Rally Cry Bulwark as potential perks on his Gear. Both Safeguard and Bulwark increased defense while Rally Cry was active—same effect, two different names. We dropped Bulwark and standardized both to Rally Cry Safeguard. Safeguard is now our suffix to denote an increase in defense across all Gear.

This also applies to Status Effect Perks. We had many Perks named flavorfully according to their Hero—such as Pym Particle Reinforced Blade for Kate Bishop, and Heavyweight Particle Projector for Black Panther. Because both these Perks gave Pym damage on heavy combo finishers, their names were standardized to Pym Particle Heavyweight. Additionally, Heavyweight is now the term that denotes a heavy combo finisher.

This update to our naming convention affects almost every single Perk in the game. That’s a lot of Perks!

Tune in tomorrow 3/4 at 2 PM PT on our Crystal Dynamics Twitch channel to discuss Hero Set Gear with Designers Alex Kende and Brian Waggoner!


He’s here to destroy. Iron Man’s Nothing to Fear Outfit is inspired by his Uru Armor that debuted in Fear Itself #7 (December 2011). Check it out in the Marketplace!

Even the Captain likes to kick back. The new Shipment star item is Captain America’s Ultimate Day Off Outfit! You can also find the Virgin Media Outfit Set in this run of Shipments!

She doesn’t have the time to trifle. Check out Black Widow’s Let’s Make This Quick Takedown! You can also find her Need a New Dance Partner Takedown, Solo Movie (Black) Outfit, and her Fear Itself Outfit in the Marketplace featured!

Speaking of formidable female Heroes with kickass Takedowns, check out Kate Bishop’s new Cleave’em to the Brisket Takedown in the Marketplace!

Feed Chastity’s coffee habit and get yourself some new duds—check out the first batch of Intel Outfits at the Cosmetic Vendor!

This week’s free item is a 2-Hour Hero Catalyst. Make sure you claim it!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits.



Check out some awesome screenshots captured by our Community using our in-game Photo Mode. Share your artwork on social and tag us @PlayAvengers, and we may feature your epic photos in future blogs!

Digital Photography by carlos_esconde

Digital Photography by LEEH1989

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