Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #78

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog, where we’ll give you the scoop on news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more!

Back at it again with the Double XP Weekend! From 2/24 – 2/28, earn twice the XP and level your Heroes!

It’s the second week of the Red Room Takeover! Make sure you get in on the red-hot action before it leaves on 3/3!

TRIVIA TIME! We know of many of you are Marvel mega-fans—call upon your comics knowledge and answer the following questions about the Hawkeyes correctly to unlock a code corresponding to a pack of cosmetic items for Kate Bishop or Clint Barton! Part of the code is provided but are missing letters and numbers. Use the correct answers to fill in the missing symbols to complete the code!

These codes are one-time use and can be redeemed on the Marvel’s Avengers website with a Square Enix account. They are first come, first serve. Keep an eye out for some more opportunities to find codes on our future blogs and social posts!

Kate Bishop Pack code: V?VEZ?-099-%U%EWU-[#]

In Kate’s pack, you will receive:

  • Outfit – Young Avengers
  • Takedown – Always Stick the Landing
  • Emote – Just a Moment
  • Nameplate – 024

[?] In All New Hawkeye #1 (2015), Hawkeyes Kate Bishop and Clint Barton travel to Antarctica on Maria Hill’s orders to retrieve a secret weapon from a Hydra base. What is the true nature of the weapon?

A) Children

E) Minerals

I) Cats

O) Energy

[%] Kate Bishop uses the mantle Hawkeye, but she wasn’t the first to do so—she was actually the:

G) 1st

K) 2nd

P) 3rd

T) 4th

[#] Kate does not like being called by this name.

372) Kitty

068) Kathy

261) Katie

115) Kit

Clint Barton Pack code: N@M@Y@-936-P&XUL&-[#]

In Clint’s pack, you will receive:

  • Outfit – Royal Ronin
  • Takedown – Lining Up the Shot
  • Emote – Here Boy
  • Nameplate – 028

[@] Clint Barton is the original Hawkeye, but he has also taken on a few other titles. Which of these mantles has he taken on?

A) Mentallo

E) Goliath

O) Trickshot

U) Bullseye

[&] What is Clint Barton’s brother’s first name?

A) Benjamin

E) Thomas

I) Daniel

O) Charles

[#] We all know about Clint’s beloved Boomerang Arrow, but he has many others in his quiver. Which one of the following arrow types has Clint created?

256) Putty Arrow

884) Music Arrow

109) Confetti Arrow

763) Siege Arrow


We’re implementing some updates to our Matchmaking system. Here’s the rundown on what’s changing!


  • The Quickmatch option is now visible at both the regional and world view on the Wartable.
  • Quickmatchers will now match directly with each other.
  • A random map from the Quickmatch pool is now selected upon mission launch.
  • Groups can now queue for Quickmatch.

Join to Quinjet

  • On joining a Strike Team, players will now load directly into the Quinjet, skipping the load to the main menu.

We’re introducing a voting system so that players can decide together on their preferred choice for important decisions. There are now new options including kicking a player, cancelling a selected map, and cancelling launch countdown.

Fail On Expire Votes are a new voting option, which requires a unanimous yes vote to succeed. Players who abstain from voting will have their vote counted as a no. The following decisions are Fail On Expire.

  • Cancel Selected Mission. The selected mission is cancelled.
  • Cancel Mission Launch Countdown. Mission launch is aborted.
  • Matchmaking Toggle. Matchmaking is toggled to enabled or disabled for the Strike Team.
  • Kick Player. The chosen player is removed from the Strike Team. The player to be kicked is not informed of the vote, shown in the list of voting players, or tallied in the vote results.

Pass On Expire Votes are the former “Vetoes”, which only require one player to vote against the decision. Players who abstain from voting will have their vote counted as a yes. The following decisions are Pass On Expire.

  • Return to Quinjet. The strike team votes to return to the Quinjet if they’re in an active Warzone.
  • Reload Checkpoint. The strike team votes to reload checkpoint. This option is available in outposts and missions.
  • Select Mission. The strike team votes to select a mission from the Wartable.
  • Interact/Story Vote. The strike team votes to begin a conversation/cutscene/etc. that will involve the entire Strike Team.


He’s still learning to balance homework and crime-fighting! Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Spider-Man: Homecoming Outfit shows Peter Parker coming into his own as a Super Hero.

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok Outfit is in the Marketplace featured for a second week!

The second batch of Cryonic Current Outfits for Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, and Hawkeye have zapped into the Marketplace!

Check out Ms. Marvel’s new Takedown, After School Hangout!

This week’s free item is a 2-Hour Fragment Extractor! Make sure to claim it!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits.


Check out some awesome screenshots captured by our Community using our in-game Photo Mode. Share your artwork on social and tag us @PlayAvengers, and we may feature your epic photos in future blogs!

Digital Photography by JaayleDee

Digital Photography by Gayming_Avenger

Digital Photography by Raxtex19

Till next week, we’ll see you online, and in-game!