Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #54

Iron Man in his Iron Alloy outfit. His legs are blue; his chest piece is red, and his shoulders and helmet are white-plated. Iron Man stands in the field, holding his arms out to his sides – his gauntlets primed with energy – as if taunting his foes. The Marvel's Avengers logo is emblazoned atop the image, which also has the words "War Table Blog" underneath it.

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog, where we give you the scoop on news, Marketplace updates, developer interviews, and more!

This is the last week to participate in our limited-time 1-Year Anniversary Mission Chain (9/2 – 9/16). Completing all four campaigns and getting at least one Hero to Level 50 before the event ends gets you a sweet 1 Year Team Anniversary Nameplate. (Players who’ve already completed each of these items will earn the reward retroactively.) Don’t miss out!

Priority Mission Rush and the Cargo Runner Synthoid Community Activities will end on 9/16 as well. Priority Mission Rush lets you run a Priority Mission once per day that earns you an Exotic, and the Cargo Runner Synthoid activity increases the chance of encountering your favorite speedy loot runner to 50%.

A simple blue banner that reads "Development Updates"

  • Updated Roadmap – In case you missed it, we revealed our updated Roadmap yesterday, which features upcoming events like our Klaw Raid and the PlayStation-Exclusive Spider-Man Hero Event!
  • Roadmap Developer Livestream – We’ll be hosting a livestream to discuss the Roadmap this Friday, Sept. 10 at 2 p.m. PT on our Twitch channel: Game Director Phil Therien and Game Systems Director Mike McTyre will be joining us as well to offer more insight into upcoming events and systems changes.
  • For an even-deeper look into the future for Marvel’s Avengers, make sure to read our State of the Game Blog, which both reflects on our game’s first year and looks ahead to some of the exciting beats we have coming up over the next few months.

A screenshot of our Upcoming Roadmap, which includes events like the KLAW Raid and the PlayStation-Exclusive Spider-Man event. A simple blue banner that reads "Marketplace Update"

The highly requested Marvel Studios’ Presents Black Panther Outfit headlines our Marketplace again this week, as well as a variety of Bundles.

The Cube Shard Outfit Bundle gives each Hero a glowing, pale blue aura due to exposure from the Cosmic Cube, and it includes an Outfit for each Hero on the roster except for Black Panther.     (Edit: For clarification, Cosmic Glow Outfits can be purchased for individual Heroes, on their individual pages, or as an entire set with our Cosmic Glow Bundle, excluding Black Panther).

A screenshot of all of our Heroes lit up with cosmic energy. The outlines of all of their Outfits glow white, as if humming with energy.

We’re also featuring several Flashback Bundles this week that let you nab multiple Outfits at a group discount for Heroes like Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk.

There are two free items in the Marketplace this week – including Thor’s Legendary “Yggdrasil Guardian” Outfit and a 2-hr. Hero’s Catalyst XP Booster.

A screenshot of Thor in his green and gold-plated Yggdrasil outfit. He wears a golden helmet with little wings attached to either side. A simple blue banner that reads "Community Spotlight"

Community Challenge

  • Community Challenge: Defeat 15,000,000 Drones (PS Exclusive)  
    • Reward: 500 Units

      Photo Mode Spotlight:   Check out some awesome screenshots captured by our Community this week using our in-game Photo Mode. Share your artwork on social and tag us @PlayAvengers, and we may feature your epic photos in future blogs!

Twitter: @Ta_Ra_Ma

A screenshot of Kate Bishop standing on the viewing deck of the Helicarrier. Large slanted windows behind her look out over the Helicarrier, which floats above a sea of orange and yellow clouds. The sun sets in the background. Kate holds up her sword in front of her, as if inspecting it.

Twitter: @Jon_Allred

A screenshot of Captain America raising his shield to a dark blue sky. His shield has red and white concentric circles. In the center, a shining star is emblazoned.

Twitter: @Ickypoo82

A screenshot of Iron Man in his Hulkbuster gear. He’s in the arid Wasteland – the wreckage of a massive alien ship looms in the background like some mechanical mountain.

Twitter: @Ickypoo82

A screenshot of Kate Bishop out in the field. Mountains rise behind her, above them a clear blue morning sky. Off in the distance, an AIM installation pokes above a canopy of trees in the mountains. Kate holds her sword out to the side, ready to face her foes.

Twitter: @Evening26Retro

Iron Man in his Iron Alloy outfit. His legs are blue; his chest piece is red, and his shoulders and helmet are white-plated. Iron Man stands in the field, holding his arms out to his sides – his gauntlets primed with energy – as if taunting his foes.

Twitter: @Ankh_Yui

A screenshot of Black Panther in his MCU Black Panther-inspired outfit. Black Panther stands in the shadows of the Wakandan jungle. His arms pulse with kinetic energy as he slashes at the empty air in front of him. A simple blue banner that reads "Developer Spotlight"

This week we sat down with one of our incredible producers Jessica Elmore-Snider to talk all things Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s Avengers!

Can you give us a quick introduction about who you are and what you do on the team? What have you done on Marvel’s Avengers? (that you can share!)

Hi there! I’m Jessica Elmore-Snider and I’m currently the Producer for the UX/UI Department here at Crystal. I also assisted in getting our AI Companions and the original Hives missions in for our launch last year.

Besides Marvel’s Avengers, what other games have you worked on, and what was your role on those projects?

In a past life, I worked for Wargaming (on both the publishing and development side of things) – I helped lead the Customer Support Department, and then later was a Producer on the VFX team for a title that sadly never saw the light of day.

What led you to working in the video games industry?

A strange turn of circumstances, that’s for sure! But I’ve been in the industry for going on 10 years, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What’s your earliest gaming memory?

I have always loved arcades – and so spent entirely too many hours at my favorite arcades when I was younger, my pockets weighed down with quarters. To this day, when I travel, I seek out new and interesting arcades… Hands down the coolest one I’ve ever been to? The bespoke “Den Arcadia” inside of the “Book 1” experience of the (now defunct, and not so) secret society in San Francisco known as of “The House of the Latitude.”

What do you wish everyone knew about games development?

I know it seems cliché, but games development is much more involved than you might imagine… and sometimes features take longer than expected, due to so many moving pieces. That being said, getting to collaborate with so many incredible people on a daily basis is also what’s so wonderful about games development! No two days are exactly the same, which is what keeps me moving (and learning) every single day.

What is your favorite thing about working at Crystal Dynamics?

As I mentioned above, as a producer, no two days are alike – which gives me plenty of opportunities to flex my creative problem-solving muscles… and luckily, I work with some unbelievably awesome folks. The past year and a half of working from home have been challenging, but I’ve felt supported the entire time, and sincerely hope we keep some of the “sillier” parts of WFH culture we’ve nurtured thus far (chat channels for “plant parents”, pets, crafts/hobbies, and even board gaming; weekly video chat get-togethers; fun internal newsletters; and even something called “Mini Meets” to get to know someone in a quick 5 minute chat-roulette-like setting). Serious kudos to our Ops & Admin crew for keeping us all safe, sound, and entertained these past 18 months!

Can you give our community a hint at something fun you’re currently working on?

Spoilers, sweetie!…keep your eyes peeled for upcoming peeks into what we’ve got cooking.

If you could give a prospective Crystal Dynamics employee one bit of advice, what would it be?

Put yourself out there, and talk about your hobbies! As I briefly mentioned above, while we’ve been working from home, virtual “Mini Meets” and the “fun” chat channels have been instrumental in getting to know folks I don’t regularly interact with and kindle friendships that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to. Game developers are a passionate bunch, and have some truly interesting hobbies and interests – and sometimes this breadth of talent we have comes in handy in intriguing ways!

Who are your heroes?

My grandparents – they helped raise & guide me, and my Papa continues to this day to offer advice whenever I need it. He even emails me articles about the gaming industry to let me know he’s thinking about me and is proud of me (even if he doesn’t always understand what I “do” for a living). It doesn’t get any better than that.

Anything you want to say to our community?

It’s awesome to see the passion in our community – from the amazing in-game Photo Mode shots, to the hand drawn fan art, to the reaction videos… we’re passionate about your passion!