Developer Blog – Creating Spider-Man’s Outfits

When Amazing Fantasy #15 hit stands in 1962, no one could have predicted that Spider-Man would become a fan favorite Super Hero…much less one of comic’s biggest fashion icons. With almost 60 years of history, picking out the perfect outfits for his Marvel’s Avengers debut took lots of thought and planning. Working closely with our friends at Marvel Games, we curated a selection of looks that should satisfy Spidey fans, both young and old.

The Classic Suit

Steve Ditko is the prime motivator behind this outfit’s design. With such a timeless look, we wanted to tread lightly, sticking closely to what fans the world over know and love. We focused on updating only key elements that make our outfit feel more handcrafted, and thus, believable for this brilliant loner hero doing his best to boot AIM out of his neighborhood.

We embraced Spidey’s bold red and blue colors and graceful webbing details. These are expressed in off-the-rack textiles with athletic wear-influenced panel breakups, making sure the suit feels like it could stand up to the acrobatic, contortionist moves Spidey is famous for. We thinned his eye bezels, creating a wider glass area that features our unique dual-layer lens aesthetic.

The Marvel’s Avengers Iconic Suit

After zipping around with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Spidey’s world and network gets expanded exponentially. We wanted to give him a unique look that embodied this experience…one that’s instantly recognizable as Spider-Man but is more refined thanks to his newfound resources.

In our Iconic take, we added elements that put Peter Parker’s science and engineering talents on display. His suit’s fabrics are more thoughtfully built for a skyscraper-swinging crimefighter, with a sharkskin-like material in the red areas and a coarser, more durable one in the blue. His gloves and boots are secured with rubberized gaiters, and compression bands run throughout the suit for optimal performance and balance. We brought in the John Romita Sr.-style thick eye bezels to give him a focused gaze and updated his icon to be larger and more angular, with a haptic feedback pad within the spider’s body.

The Bugle Boy Suit

In the comics, Peter’s attempts to live a normal life are often thwarted by the need for Spider-Man. We celebrate his constant call to action by offering players a chance to take on threats in this sweater vest, jeans and trademark-mask outfit. Being a down-and-out freelance videographer, of course Pete is going to be dodging attacks and dealing damage with his trusty SLR nearby. And with his signature color scheme incorporated into his attire, everyone across the globe will know Spider-Man never takes a day off.

The Secret War Suit

Designed by Gabriele Dell’Otto’s for the Secret War limited series, this Spider-Man design has jumped out as one of the wall-crawler’s most striking interpretations.

We wanted to amplify the “spy” elements with our version, balancing the artist’s bold color and graphics usage of the original with a more tactically inspired foundation. Durable rubberized and metallic materials are perfect for standing up to harsh environments, and his Dell’Otto-influenced thin eye bezels make for a chilling gaze. He has thicker webbing patterns overlaying his bodysuit, and his bolder back icon is drastically contrasted with a smaller, more subtle icon on his chest.

Bad guys would be smart to bolt if they see this Spider-Man swinging their way.

The Spider-Armor Mark I Suit

Based on Alex Saviuk’s design from Web of Spider-Man #100 back in 1993 when Spider-Man was fighting Super-Adaptoid, our Mark I has been updated based on where Peter was in his journey at the time of its creation. Imagined to be needed very early in his career, we conceptualized it to be more “maker-friendly” than his later armors. Its construction is informed by gear and materials Peter would have had available to him in a high school workshop setting.

His specially created “Hard Webbing” plates are mounted on bases harnessed to a close-fitting bodysuit, giving him as much flexibility as possible while providing maximum protection. His helmet is motorcycle-inspired in shape, while still featuring the iconic chrome lenses that blend in with the high polished materials around them.

The Spider-Armor Mark III Suit

As Peter matured in the Marvel’s Avengers world, so did his abilities at creating specialty Spider-Man armors. The Mark III, or the “Ends of the Earth” suit as it’s referred to, seeks to visually show that progression. Originally designed by Stefano Caselli for Amazing Spider-Man #682, this variable threat suit has a heavier look than other Spidey outfits, and that gave us an opportunity to introduce further visual variety into his lineup.

We preserved the large Spider torso armor with its anatomy-driven shape and its signature backpack pod. The ceramic upper arm plating provides a wider silhouette while still feeling light in weight, contrasting the streamlined forearm armor containing emitter housings near his wrists. His under suit has a looser military-grade look and feel, with added reinforcement around his knees and feet. His helmet retains the angular construction of its design inspiration, making this one of our most aggressive looking Spider-Man offerings.

The Noir Suit

In Spider-Man: Noir #1, Carmine Di Giandomenico’s darker take on Spider-Man is easily one of his most beloved redesigns. With its striking black leather trench coat, haphazardly stitched mask, and aviator goggles; this suit is sure to turn heads. One embellishment we made was to incorporate stitched spider iconography into his sweater and jacket to unify the mask with the suit.

We hope you enjoyed this brief tour of some of Spider-Man’s outfits. Head to our social channels where we’ll be revealing more before he launches. We look forward to seeing your Spider-Man shots online when he swings into Marvel’s Avengers on November 30!