Marvel’s Avengers: September 9 Patch Notes & Studio Update

Greetings heroes!   

Since launching Marvel’s Avengers last week, it’s been amazing to see you play the game and discover the original story campaign of reassembling these heroes and learning more about Kamala Kahn, AIM, and exploring this world. We’re thrilled to hear that those who dove into the campaign have been delighted by it!   

Each day we are actively listening to the community’s feedback and we’re committed to this journey together.   

We’ve already released three rapid patches over the last week, and V1.2.5 (detailed below and rolling out on some platforms today) addresses larger playthrough stoppers, loading issues, and outfit unlock bugs. We have parallel patches in development with significant improvements requested for matchmaking, retroactive unlock fixes, and more in the works for next week!   

Our customer service and community teams are diligently funneling all issues to the development team for us to address in future patches. Keep that feedback coming!   

Thank you for going on this journey with us; we have many more adventures to have together! This is only the beginning.   

-Scot Amos & the Crystal Dynamics Team  


PC Patch Notes: V1.0 Build 12.11    

Released September 6   

We released a hotfix-patch for Marvel’s Avengers, build 12.11, in response to some significant issues seen for some players. This patch will be applied by Steam automatically when you next start the game. If your game does not update, please restart the Steam client.    

List of fixes for this patch:       

  • Fixes the issue where some outfits were being relocked. We are still investigating how to return outfits that don’t come from the Marketplace or through Challenge Cards to affected players.    
  • Fixed a problem which caused some players to fall out of world when starting Avengers Initiative.    
  • Fixes for certain DEVICE_HUNG crashes that some users are experiencing.       


PlayStation & Xbox Patch Notes V1.2.5    

PS4 Released September 9, Xbox (ETA PM PST September 9)   

Patch fixes for V1.2.4 have been combined with V1.2.5 – the below patch notes account for both updates.     

Patch V1.2.5 resolves a number of playthroughs stoppers. Our next patch – V1.3.0 – will be our largest yet and will resolve bad states for bugs fixed in 1.2.5, as well as address hundreds of smaller quality of life issues. We are rigorously testing V1.3.0. to ensure it is ready for deployment, and will update you when we have a timeline to share!      

Patch V1.2.5:    

  • Resolved an infrequent bug where players are unable to progress with the campaign due to an infinite loading screen.      
    • This patch does not resolve the fix for those who have already encountered it – bad save states will be resolved in V1.3.0.       
  • Addressed majority of instances of a partially loaded Helicarrier which resulted in characters infinitely falling out of world when trying to access the Avengers Initiative.       
    • There are rare instances where this could happen still, but the patch ensures that loading back into the main menu and then returning to the Avengers Initiative will resolve it. We are still working to eliminate this bug entirely.        
  • Campaign Mission reward outfits will no longer disappear from Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through campaign progress – such as the Stark Tech outfits – reverting to a locked state.       
    • We prevented this from happening in V1.2.5, but the patch does not return outfits for those who have already encountered it – bad save states will be resolved In V1.3.0.       
  • Marketplace and Challenge Card outfits will be restored and no longer become re-locked in the Cosmetics Inventory UI. This presented as costumes that were previously unlocked through online play – such as Hero Challenge Card rewards, pattern drops, and faction vendors – reverting to a locked state    
  • Updated Community Challenge UI that now reflects current community progress.     
  • Backup Save UI improvements    
  • Load time optimizations    
  • Xbox Only: Achievements should now unlock and increment properly. We are still investigating if all Achievements will be granted retroactively – our current theory is that story-based will, but challenge-based will not.   

Known Issues & Workarounds    

Please visit our Known Issues & Workarounds thread on Reddit for regular updates.  

We’re still hard at work to fix as many issues as we can. Please keep providing feedback to us!