Marvel’s Avengers V1.5.1 Patch Notes

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation: 30/3, 4pm BST
  • Xbox: 30/3, 4pm BST
  • Steam: 30/3, 4pm BST
  • Stadia: 30/3, 4pm BST


  • Flashback Missions – Flashback Missions show up on a daily rotation and can only be completed once a day. The rewards from these missions will now include Legendary set gear if the hero is above Power Level 100. 
    • Gear slots will be determined by the mission in rotation for that day. For example, the Along Came a Spider mission will grant either a ranged or melee slot legendary item. While the next day’s Mistaken Identity mission will grant a Defense or Heroic legendary item from the same set.

  • Fixed an issue where the cinematic would not trigger on Xbox One X following Anchor Points, thus halting progress.
  • Enemies now spawn correctly in customizable HARM Rooms if players use the “Reset HARM Room” option from the pause menu before spawning a first fight.
  • Fixed an issue in By Force of Mind where the mission would not progress after defeating all Dreadbot and Adaptoid enemies as Captain America.
  • Players can no longer go out of bounds on the Days of Anger mission to attack Maestro without getting hit themselves.
  • Various crash, black screen, and performance fixes.

  • Strike Team members will now see a rock wall in the Days of Anger mission right before entering Maestro’s lair at the same time the hosting player does.
  • Various matchmaking optimizations and improvements.

User Interface

  • Tutorials and Message of the Day notifications no longer overlap.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes enemies would float in air when stunned near a wall.

  • Added Hero-specific gear to activities which previously rewarded underwhelming gear at higher power levels. 
    • Villain Sectors – Will now drop Legendary set gear previously found in Elite Villain Sectors for heroes above Power Level 100.