Our Mission: Part 2

Years ago, we set out on a mission; to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. 

Today – although we remain physically distanced around the world – our team celebrates this major milestone as one.  

Part of that celebration is you – the fans. Thank you for going on this journey with us, for your feedback and support, and for trusting us with these characters and this story in our original Marvel’s Avengers narrative.   

Our Mission is not complete; there is so much more to come. 

 Watch Our Mission: Part 2 video here.  

Notes from the Team  

  • “Welcome to Marvel’s Avengers! We’ve been working hard to provide the chance for you to play as the Avenger you’ve always wanted to be! We really hope you enjoy the game! Oh, and talk to us, tell us what we can improve upon.. we’re listening!” – Ben Stanton – Lead Animator 
  • “So excited for everyone to jump in and play! I’m eager to know everyone’s favorite hero from the comics or if they’ve found a new favorite like mine: Kamala!” – Jaclyn Huchel – Technical Designer 
  • “Being a Marvel fan myself I can’t wait for you all to play this game that we’ve been dreaming about for years. Welcome and hope you have a great time with friends!” – Jing Jin, Senior Technical Artist 
  • “I can’t believe it’s finally happening! What a wild year it’s been so far, but it couldn’t end in a better way than to be able to finally share this game with you all!! We’re so excited for you to play it! <3” – Jessica Elmore-Snider, Producer 
  • “Thank you very much for playing Marvel’s Avengers! I Hope you to enjoy the game!” – Tae Joon Park, Senior Engineer 
  • “I want to say thank you to every passionate player that’s given feedback and words of encouragement. We’ve been combing through suggestions for Photo Mode and how we can make our game more accessible to all players. There’s been some fantastic suggestions, and we’re working hard to improve your gameplay experiences based on them! I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned. Cheers!” – Kolby Brooks, Engineer 
  • “It’s so exciting to finally share the results of our many efforts, to bring you a chance to play as Avengers.” – Matthew Gaston, Senior Technical Designer 
  • “I’ve been watching and listening to all the constructive feedback across YouTube videos, Twitch streams, etc., and I am truly inspired by your enthusiasm and insight! =)” – Tiffany Cheung, Animator 
  • “We’re finally here! So excited to share this moment with all of you. In a time when the world is turned upside down, we hope to bring a smile to your face. We love you guys!” – Jimmy Almeida, Senior Animator II 
  • “I just LOVE watching everyone explore and play through the Marvel’s Avengers worlds we’ve created! So much more to come!!!” – Drew Medina, Senior Artist – Lighting Team 
  • “Big shout out to all the heroes out there who putting the smack down on AIM! Hulk Smash!” – John “Yogi” Hughes, Sr. Designer 
  • “Marvel’s Avengers; crafted with love. Just wait until you get access to ALL the skills!” – Brendon Isaiah Bengtson, Lead Character Artist 
  • “This is it! After years of blood, sweat, tears and love (loads of), we are so excited to offer you an original Avengers experience like no other. We truly hope you enjoy the Marvel’s Avengers game as much as we are proud of having created it. Yet… The best is still to come! Join us in play so that, all together, we can carry this game to the greatest of heights for years to come! Launch is where it begins!” – Magali Stretton, Senior Game Designer 
  • “Hey Marvel fans! I can’t wait for you all to see more of the coolest outfits pulled straight from the pages of Marvel history with our special Crystal Dynamics take on them!!!” – Kanish Cyriacus Palathingal 
  • “As a diehard Marvel fan, who has enjoyed many hours in this game, I cannot wait for all of you who have waited to hop in and play your favorite Avenger. And the fun is just going to keep coming.” – Anthony James Buell, Outsource Producer 
  • “A whole lot of passion for Marvel characters and lore has been thoughtfully baked into the core of this game. I am so eager to see you engage with our story and the ever-growing content heading your way.” – Tommy Mann, Animator 
  • “Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered, participated in the beta, or just shown their support for Marvel’s Avengers. We’re so happy to finally share this game with you!” – Kim Lane – Associate Brand Manager  
  • “I’ve been reading Marvel comics since 1989. It might have taken me 30 years to get involved with making a video game about it, but clearly I was just waiting for the right time.” – Eric Gottesman, DevOps Team Lead 
  • “We are so excited to see everyone online! Can’t wait to play together will all of our fans!” – Brandon Bailie, Cinematic/Gameplay Animator 
  • “The fan response has simply been nothing short of Amazing. From our families to yours we can’t wait to get the full game into your hands.” – Jeremy Kendall, Senior VFX Artist 
  • “Thank you for coming along with us on this epic journey! It’s been a privilege to help tell a story with characters that so many fans hold dear. See you in the Quinjet!” – DJ Jones, Senior Designer 
  • “I’ve been working on this game for the last four years of my life, and I can’t wait to finally share it with the world! It’s been one heck of a ride! Don’t be afraid to express your opinions on the game. We are always open to feedback, both positive and negative!” – Dickson – Dickson Cho, Senior Engineer 
  • “I’m so glad you all can join us in this adventure!” – Kara Klaczynski, Studio Administrator 
  • “Marvel fans – thank you for being our North Star. Making the game you deserve has been a principle that guided us on this journey – through thick and thin, through highs and lows. This is only the beginning. We hope to entertain and inspire you for years to come.” – Meagan Marie, Sr. Community & Social Media Manager