July Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Brings Big Reveals!

Our second Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE just concluded, and we’re thrilled to finally break some big news! Read on for a recap of all the major news or watch the full HD video here.    

BETA Dates  

A large part of this episode focused on the our upcoming Marvel’s Avengers BETA. As a recap, here is when you can get your hands on it, starting next week!     

  • ·August 7-9: PlayStation Advantage Pre-Order BETA: The first BETA weekend will be available for those who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation 4. Pre-load will be available on August 6.  
  • ·August 14-16: PlayStation Advantage Open BETA & Xbox/PC Closed BETA: The second BETA weekend will be open to the entire PS4 community as part of our PlayStation Advantage partnership. Additionally, those of you who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox or PC will be able to jump in and play. Pre-load will be available on August 13.  
  • ·August 21: Open BETA for All: August 21 – 23 will give all fans across all platforms a chance to jump in and play the Marvel’s Avengers BETA! Pre-load will be available on August 20.    

You’ll need a Square Enix Member’s account to participate in the Marvel’s Avengers BETA, which we use to validate pre-order codes and content, as well as to deliver post-launch goodies, like new heroes, new missions, and new regions at no cost. You can sign up for a Square Enix Members account here.   

BETA Content   

What will you be playing come BETA day? We built the Marvel’s Avengers BETA to give you a slice of the full game experience: single-player content from the original campaign, co-op War Zone missions, hero and world progress, and even more! Check out our Beta Deep Dive Video for the scoop.  

Hero progression is one of Marvel’s Avengers main systems, and the BETA gives a taste of earning experience to level up your unique Hero. In the BETA, you’ll have access to the starting Skill page for Iron Man, Hulk, Kamala, and Black Widow. You can reach up to a Hero Level of 15 and a Power Level of 45 in the BETA.  

You can also unlock two exclusive Nameplates for participating in the Marvel’s Avengers BETA, which will be carried over to launch. Other progress – such as story progress, gear, and character leveling, will not be carried over to the final game. However, your progress will carry over between weekends! Still have BETA questions? Check out our FAQ for more information!   

Post-Launch Plan  

Our second Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE also gave a quick glimpse of what the future holds! In Marvel’s Avengers, the “Reassemble” campaign follows Kamala Khan reuniting the Avengers and taking on the current AIM threat lead by MODOK. Following that, players will enter the Avengers Initiative to protect the Earth from an array of threats, and in doing so, gain access to new heroes, new missions, and new regions.    

We are thrilled to finally announce that Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, is coming to the post-launch campaign. Hawkeye has his own in-depth story mission chain, and it’s unique from the main campaign because it can be played either co-op or solo, whichever you prefer. He’ll also bring a new villain with him, which you’ll learn about in the future, along with other character surprises!   

A ton of work goes into new heroes. Like the core six heroes, all future characters will have custom move sets and combos, Skills, Gear, Heroics, outfits, emotes, and name plates. From a gameplay and cosmetic standpoint, we’ve drawn on over eight decades of Marvel history.   

Clint Barton is no exception. Our team revisited their favorite comic arc at the beginning of any hero concept process, including Writer Matt Fraction and Artist David Aja’s “My Life as A Weapon.” Below you can see concept art from one of his alternative outfits, drawn from the aforementioned My Life as A Weapon comic.  



We’ve got big plans for Marvel’s Avengers. The fight against AIM is only just beginning, and reassembling the Avengers is just the start. There is much more story and heroes on the horizon.   

Marvel’s Avengers Fortnite Collab   

Before wrapping up the second Marvels’ Avengers WAR TABLE, we had one last surprise in store! We’re excited to reveal that we’re teaming up with the Fortnite team for some awesome in-game rewards. Players who complete the BETA’s three HARM-room challenges will earn the Hulk Smashers Pickaxe with a bonus Hulkbuster style in Fortnite. You can visit Fortnite.com for more info!  

The Big Picture  

The Marvel’s Avengers BETA is huge, but it’s only a fraction of what our passionate team has crafted. Marvel’s Avengers will feature a full-length campaign, over 80 War Zones/Drop Zones, more than 50 enemy types, regularly updated configurations of HARM rooms and challenges, and more. On top of that, you get 6 heroes with the game at launch, each with more than 50 skills to upgrade, and gear and outfits to earn and unlock. The longer you play the game, the more it grows and evolves as we add new characters and new story content and regions – all at no additional cost. We’re very excited about what the future holds.