Marvel’s Avengers Public Beta – Build Notes

Welcome to the Marvel’s Avengers Beta!   

Before you assemble in-game, please take a moment to read the following Beta information. We’ll continue updating throughout the weekend to ensure you’re up-to-date with known issues and workarounds straight from the devs! 

Please keep sending us feedback across our social channels as you play – the Beta will give us tons of invaluable data about game balance as well as metrics regarding multiplayer and server performance. In addition, your feedback will help us shape the game as it grows. The Beta program is important to us and we hope you’ll participate!   

If you experience issues that are not listed as Known Issues and Workarounds, please contact the Square Enix Customer Service Support Center at   

For the smoothest experience, wait until the full Beta downloads before launching.  

See you in-game! 


Gameplay & Systems 

The Beta experience differs from the full game in the following ways:  

  • You must link a validated Square Enix Members account via email to play in the Beta.  
  • Hero Levels have been capped at 15. 
  • Power levels have been capped at 45. 
  • Hero and Power Level progression have been artificially accelerated. 
  • Gear and item drops from enemies and Strongboxes are not final. 
  • Available Skill unlocks have been limited to the first page of three.  
  • No Faction Vendors or Mission Givers are present on the Helicarrier. 
  • Hero Missions, War Zones, Drop Zones and HARM Challenges have been limited to a subset of the launch product.  
  • Quick Play and Quick Match have been disabled.  
    • In the final game, Quick Match will only matchmake you to teams that need the hero you currently are, while Quick Play will put you in any team as an available hero within that team pulled from your roster (e.g.: if they have an open slot but already have an Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk, then we pick one of your existing different heroes and match you to that group).  
  • Real-money purchases have been disabled. 
  • You have been granted 3,450 Credits to use in the in-game Marketplace and Challenge Cards, where you can unlock cosmetic items to personalize your heroes.   
  • Two specific rewards – the Assemble Nameplate and Heroic Nameplate – are awarded in the Beta and are later credited to your Online ID in the full game at launch. To unlock the Heroic Nameplate, you will need to complete the HARM Challenges in sequential order (I, II, III).  


Pro Tips  

Main Menu

  • Before selecting Play Beta, open the Settings menu and customize your Camera and Controller settings to your own preferences. 
  • On the Main Menu, press R1 to open the News for Beta  


  • Experiment with alternate Control and Camera settings to find what feels best for your play style. 
  • In Default Control scheme (inputs may vary may scheme)  
    • Press up on your D-pad to activate Tactical Awareness. This shows you mission objectives and the locations of High Value Targets and Strongboxes. 
    • Press Right Stick to lock onto a single target during combat.  
  • Equip Gear as you acquire it and Boost the Gear as you collect Resources. 
  • Use your Skill Points to unlock new skills as your heroes level up. 
  • When playing solo, be sure to play each hero to increase their Hero and Power Levels and equipping them each with Skills and Gear of your choosing.  
  • You can change difficulty settings in either the Main Menu or at the WAR TABLE.  
    • Main Menu – Settings – Gameplay – Campaign Difficulty. 
    • At the WAR TABLE, hover over a mission, then Select Difficulty to choose  
      • Challenge Ratings 1-4 will lower or raise enemy power in the mission once launched.     


  • Enable Matchmaking when prompted, select a War Zone or Drop Zone then wait in the Quinjet until other players have joined your Strike Team. Launch whenever you are ready to go forward. Companion AI heroes will fill in your empty team slots.  
  • Players must complete the campaign missions before attempting to matchmake, with the HARM Training Rooms being the last.  
  • If you would like to try playing War Zone solo, simpley disable matchmaking

Marketplace & Challenge Cards

  • In the Marketplace, press R2 Trigger to access additional cosmetic items in the Hero Roster. 
  • In the Character Menu, Challenge Cards show hero-specific challenges at the bottom of the screen.  


Known Issues & Workarounds 


While we work towards resolving the matchmaking issue some of you are experiencing, here are a few workarounds:

  1. Exit to the Main Menu, change Matchmaking to Disable, and then Enable again
  2. Use Friend Invites
  3. Disable Matchmaking to play with Companion AI

Missions, HARM Challenges, War Zones and Drop Zones

  • If you cannot progress past the Golden Gate Bridge, please close the app, open notifications on PS home screen, and launch the game again once the beta is fully downloaded.
  • If you cannot progress in a mission, open the Options menu, and select Reload Checkpoint.  


  • Depending on settings, some UI elements may not appear properly. 
  • Some icons and elements are not final. 
  • Cosmetic gameplay rewards may not unlock properly.  

Heroes and AI Companions  

  • Once you have unlocked Iron Man and Black Widow, you must select them in the Select Hero / Companions menu to equip their Level 6 starting gear. 
  • Open Select Hero / Companions menu to assign specific heroes to assist on supported missions. 
  • Spend time advancing each Hero to keep the most efficient and effective Strike Team.