Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog #15

Welcome to another Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog Marvel fans, where we’ll give you the scoop on news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more! 

Hello everyone, and welcome to our 15th War Table Weekly blog! This is a special week for all of us, as Kate Bishop, our first post-launch Hero, warped into Marvel’s Avengers just this week! We’ve been so excited to get her in your hands so you can experience just how dynamic she is to play. For more on Kate, check out our AMA with Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli on Reddit, or read our Everything You Need To Know article to get you started on your favorite Kate build! And as always, keep giving us your feedback, suggestions, digital photography, art, fancams, builds, and content—we love to see it!  

Get ready to Take AIM – Kate Bishop has landed! We’re so excited to talk about our first post-launch Super Hero with the community. If you haven’t already caught up on our latest blog, Everything You Need to Know About Marvel’s Avengers Operation: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM.  

There we take a dive into all things Kate, detailing the Taking AIM operation, her combat skills, Challenge Card, and even some tips and tricks to excel at your favorite archery protégé on the battlefield. You already know about her bow & arrow skills, but now it’s time to learn about her skilled martial arts training that she utilizes for close combat!  

Priority Missions  

Priority Missions have modifiers that will challenge even the toughest Super Hero. Your first weekly completion of these missions earns you unique gear you won’t find anywhere else.  

In Honor’s Name  

Minimum Power Level 25, +3 Power Level Offset  


  • Pressure  
  • Torpedo  
  • Snowball   

Guaranteed Reward: Epic Gear  

Agony and the Anthill  

Minimum Power Level 120, +5 Power Level Offset  


  • Famine  
  • Resurgence  
  • Maelstrom  
  • Helix   

Guaranteed Reward: Polychoron & Hero-Specific Gear  


Priority HARM Room Challenges have additional modifiers and reward comics that increase your collection and boost your stats.  

Weekly First Completion Reward: Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin (2007) #6  

Minimum Power Level 15 Challenge  


  • Snowball  
  • Maelstrom   

Minimum Power Level 100 Challenge, +5 Power Level Offset  


  • Famine  
  • Maelstrom  
  • Snowball   


The Mega Hive is a single-player chain of eight missions that tests your team’s might. Each week, you’ll have a shot at completing the Mega Hive mission chain. When you defeat all eight missions, the Mega Hive mission chain is removed from the War Table until the next weekly refresh, when you can run it again with new modifiers.  

This week’s modifiers include:    

  • Pressure  
  • Maelstrom  
  • Oasis  
  • Goliath   

Weekly Rewards: As you progress through the Mega Hive, rewards start as basic gear, resources, and small amounts of cosmetic currency. The more missions you survive, the resource drops increase. As you near the final mission, you’ll see better gear and artifacts awarded more often, and increased chances for patterns/nameplates. When you complete all eight Mega Hive missions, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive goodies reserved for this gauntlet, including a significant amount of high-quality resources..  

Modifiers are game changers! Check out some pro-tips from our team that will help you prepare for this week’s challenges!    

  • Pressure: Recovering Willpower by any means necessary is key when Pressure is active. Utilize Takedowns, regenerative nanite containers, and skills that boost the chance of enemies dropping Regen Packs to ensure that sustaining critical injuries isn’t always a recipe for a quick defeat.  
  • Maelstrom: Keeping Willpower high and utilizing Heroics soon after they’re ready is key to maximizing the benefits of the Maelstrom modifier. Focusing on gear that boosts the Resolve or Valor stats is also an effective strategy.  
  • Famine: Focusing on Takedowns and careful usage of the regenerative nanite containers are key to survivability when Famine is active.    

This week’s marketplace feature’s an exciting spread with Kate’s debut! We have a variety of offerings for different Super Heroes including Kate’s Legendary “Frankly Gorgeous” outfit, Hulk’s Epic “Unstoppable” outfit, new Nameplates from Kate and Iron Man, and more!  

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits..  

Please see our patch notes for V1.4.0 here.  

Social Announcements  

Check out articles announcements you may have missed!  

Everything You Need to Know About Kate Bishop – If you still haven’t hopped in to play Kate, check here for more information on what you can expect.  

Combat AMA – Lead Combat Designer Vince hosted an AMA on the r/PlayAvengers Reddit. Check out his answers to some of the community questions regarding combat!  

Kate Streamer Kit – Love Kate Bishop? Planning on streaming? Download our Kate-themed streamer kit to purple up your channel.  

Weekly Q&A Recap  

War Zones Director, Phil Therien and Community and Social Media Manager, Andy Wong were joined by Designer Scott Walters and Writer Nicole Martinez in a Kate developer stream showcase. Catch up on it below – apologies for the technical issues, we’re still figuring out our work-from-home set-up!  

Developer Stream – Kate Bishop  

PlayStation Exclusive Community Challenge  

Team up with the global player base to meet mega-goals and unlock rewards.  

Goal: Defeat 3,000,000 Cryo Enemies  

Reward: Nameplate Kate 56  

Community Spotlight  

Check out this week’s community spotlight, featuring some fantastic shots from players!  

Digital Photography by M3owsterchef  

Digital Photography by GetMeAShield  

Digital Photography by ForceOfLight  

Till next week, we’ll see you online, and in-game!