Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #84

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Weekly Blog, where we’ll give you the scoop on news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more!

Double XP weekend is back! Continue leveling your Heroes with double efficiency!

The second week of Rooskaya Protocols is on! Collect the chips before the event ends on 4/14!

Only eight months to save the world. Hawkeye’s Time Runs Out Outfit is inspired by his sleek look from Avengers Vol. 5 #35 (2012). It is now available to earn in Shipments!


We’ve addressed several issues that snuck in with Patch 2.3 when it released last week. Thank you for your diligent reporting! Right now we are chasing down and squashing a couple remaining ones that are still floating around. As always, if you ever find an issue, please report it to our Customer Support team with as many details as you can, such as your platform, the Hero you were playing, what it is, how you encountered it, any fixes you tried—the more information, the better! Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for future updates!


He’s not a fan of having moons thrown at him. Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Outfit is available now in the Marketplace!

Surrender is not in his nature. Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Studios’ Thor: The Dark World Outfit is available in the Marketplace featured for a second week!

Check out a new Black Panther Takedown, Start a Catfight, available now!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits.


Check out some awesome screenshots captured by our Community using our in-game Photo Mode. Share your artwork on social and tag us @PlayAvengers, and we may feature your epic photos in future blogs!

Digital Photography by mcanterogomez

Digital Photography by Steevnns

Digital Photography by TKidtobot

Till next week, we’ll see you online, and in-game!