Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog Week #48 – War for Wakanda on August 17

T'challa stands at the foot of a throne dressed in his Black Panther outfit. An actual panther lurks at his side, ready to fight Klaw's goons who surround them in the jungle with guns.

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda will launch on August 17th as a free update to all owners of the core game. In addition to adding Black Panther, the War for Wakanda Expansion also brings with it new Villains, a brand-new environment to explore, new enemies, the Royal Palace Outpost, new solo or multiplayer Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions and more, adding the most content to Marvel’s Avengers since the game’s launch.

The Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE for WAKANDA will go live on August 16th, one day before the Expansion launches. Keep an eye on our social channels leading up to the War Table for looks at gameplay, outfits, and more. We have some special things planned to go along with the War Table, so stay tuned for more information!

A screenshot of our updated content roadmap. It reveals that the War for Wakanda/Black Panther expansion launches on August 17

The All-Access Weekend on PlayStation, PC, and Stadia starts now and will run until August 1st at the following times.

  • PlayStation: 9 AM PT 7/29 through 9 AM PT 8/2
  • Steam: 9 AM PT 7/29 through 9 AM PT 8/2
  • Stadia: 8 AM PT 7/29 through 8 AM PT 8/2

If you’re interested in trying out Marvel’s Avengers at no cost for a limited time, all you need to do is visit your platform’s digital store and download it. All content is available!

We’re working closely with the team at Xbox to give Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players their own All-Access opportunity in the coming months.

For players who already own the game, we have a slew of bonuses and events to partake in this weekend!

4x XP – Yes, you read that correctly. This weekend, players can earn 4x the amount of earned XP, which does stack with Hero’s Catalysts!

RESOURCE GRANT – Any player (new or existing, so everyone wins) who logs in during the All-Access Weekend will instantly receive loads of resources through a community grant!

Here are the contents: 5,000 Fragments, 1,000 Plasma, 1,000 Nanites, 1,000 Nanotubes, 1,000 Catalyst, 1,000 Units, 600 Upgrade Modules, 500 Uru, and 250 Polychoron.

50% MARKETPLACE SALE – The Marketplace will have its biggest sale ever during this event with 50% off the majority of the wares.


To celebrate the All-Access Weekend, a few dedicated streamers will be livestreaming over the course of the next four days. They’re all experts at the game and will focus on different subjects to help anyone new to the game get more accustomed. We’ll be hosting them on our official Crystal Dynamics Twitch channel, but they’ll be streaming on their personal channels as well. Click on their names for the link! Make sure to tune in if you’re looking for a community to join!

Thursday (7/29)

Friday (7/30)

  • 8AM PT – FKFlaviuskings – Teleporting in with Kate combat.
  • 11AM PT – MonarchWrites – Replaying the Reassemble Campaign.
  • 3PM PT – SukiIsOkay – Replaying Operation Taking AIM with Kate.
  • 7PM PT – SadizticKitten – Doing the brand new Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion.

Saturday (7/31)

  • 5AM PT – BobDuckNWeave – Get those repulsors ready for some Iron Man gameplay.
  • 10AM PT – JohnnyRawker – More Iron Man gameplay found here.
  • 12PM PT – TonyBing – Draw your bow with some Hawkeye gameplay.
  • 2PM PT – LaaJune – Hulk SMASH!
  • 4PM PT – carrotscraps – Learn to be a spy with some Black Widow gameplay.

Sunday (8/1)

  • 9AM PT – garn_64tv – Learn to beat the clock in Tachyon Rifts.
  • 11AM PT – SlightStardust – Basics on gear.
  • 1PM PT – hero_mentor – For Hulk aficiandoas.
  • 5PM PT – HighRuler – Get that shield ready for some Captain America gameplay.

  • One of Black Panther’s many outfits is the Most Dangerous Man Outfit. It has a noir feel to it, and is inspired by the time Kasper Cole briefly took on the Black Panther mantle. We’ll provide a better look at this outfit on social media.
  • We’re working on an in-game event to coincide with the War for Wakanda Expansion that will add to the overall world building – and provide some great rewards in the process. We will have a dedicated blog for this event in the coming weeks.

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame” Outfit for Thor is now available! It’s what he looked like in the beginning of the film before his trip to the past.

We also introduced two bundles to the Marketplace that are available until August 5.

The first one is the Door Buster Bundle, which contains one outfit for each of the 8 Heroes. You can get this bundle for 2000 Credits – normally, it would cost 8000 Credits.

  • Black Widow – Outrider Outfit
  • Captain America – Rebirth Outfit
  • Hawkeye – Old Man Outfit
  • Hulk – Wrestler Outfit
  • Iron Man – Retro Outfit
  • Ms. Marvel – Karachi Outfit
  • Kate – Dimensional Shift Outfit
  • Thor – Young Thor Outfit

The second bundle is for Iron Man fans and is aptly named the I Am Iron Man Bundle, which can be purchased for 2000 Credits and is only available for a limited time.

  • Iron Man’s “Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame” Outfit
  • Don’t Get Too Close Takedowns
  • Jarvis Emote
  • Iron Man 018 Nameplate

This week’s free offering is the Thor 77 Nameplate! Make sure to claim it!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly, and can be purchased with Credits.

We pulled up our virtual chairs and sat down with @SonicPhoto for a quick interview!

1. Can you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is Noel, from Puerto Rico, better known as @Sonicphoto on Twitter and YouTube! I love doing virtual photography and content creation for Marvel’s Avengers!

2. How did you get involved in virtual photography?

I work in photography from time to time in my life, but I always wanted to photograph things that were more of an action-movie style, and that’s when virtual photography comes in. I got into virtual photography even more through Instagram and Twitter. Normally, I would take photo mode pictures in games just for myself to remember favorite moments or characters, but I was not aware it was becoming a growing community until I found the Gametographers and other growing communities that kept sharing their favorite shots across the world! It became a way to share more of my photography & film background through video games!

3. Any favorite Hero or locations to take photos of?

The long-awaited Hawkeye is now my favorite Hero in the game to take pictures of, but before he arrived, it was Captain America! I love the variety of poses and animations Clint has between sword skills and archery skills. My favorite location in the game to take pictures is the Spaceshot Drop Zone, with all the environmental hazards and space background. It is tricky to shoot in sometimes, but it’s worth the challenge! In general, I love shooting in maps with a lot of visual flair like Tachyon effects, rain effects in the last campaign mission, and the desert lighting and storms on Future Wastelands.

4. We asked you to choose your favorite shots to be featured in this blog. Why did you go with these?

I love how the lighting and colors turned out for this shot and using the space station for Aerospace Hawkeye was just a perfect fit! I also like the pose to simulate he is entering the room to get into action or just finished the action.

A screenshot of Hawkeye in his sharpshooter glasses, reaching over his shoulder to grab an arrow from his quiver. An explosion of electricity behind him.

The last mission of the campaign has great visuals and effects and I loved capturing that with this shot in a different outfit for Captain America, giving that soldier training in the rain energy! It also means a lot to me as it was featured on the Marvel’s Avengers Essentials Cosmetics & Photo Mode episode. It was a great surprise!

Steve Rogers stands in the rain in just a tank top. His red, white, and blue vibranium, shield is fastened to his back.

Superior Iron Man is one of my favorite outfits for Tony and this shot was the start of playing more with visual effects of the game in my photos – really happy with how it tuned out. It’s also the set of pictures with the most likes I have received on Twitter!

A screenshot of Tony Stark in his Superior Iron Man suit, which is made of a shiny metallic alloy and constructed with a metal band that stretches across his forehead.

5. You also have a YouTube channel! What kind of content do you create?

I mainly create content guides and news to help keep players up to date on the latest in Marvel’s Avengers! I showcase the latest gameplay content, preview the Marketplace every week, create guides for players to learn the basics of the game like leveling tips, where to find Exotic gear, how to create battery builds for each Hero and more! I also love covering the story aspect of the game so I have videos of all intelligence files to listen to and I been capturing all the unique elevator interactions that I can get in the game and compiling them up together in parts – so far have captured over 200 of them!

6. What are your favorite videos you’ve created? Can you link to them?

My favorites are the elevator interaction ones as it’s been really fun to see more how all the heroes interact and get along! I love that family aspect they give through these conversations and viewers love to comment on them a lot!

You can find the full playlist for them here:

Another favorite was my reaction to the Hawkeye Deep Dive! I rarely do reaction videos, but finally seeing my favorite character get his own War Table was a special moment I wanted to capture and share:

And the other ones I love are my guide videos, because people often let me know if the guide was helpful and if they learned new things with it, so seeing my guides helping others makes me really happy as that has always been my goal! For all my guides playlist:

7. What’s one thing you would say to someone who is just starting their Marvel’s Avengersjourney?

I would say take your time diving into the game, taking in its campaign stories all one by one, get to know these characters in a new light, before jumping into the multiplayer aspect. The story and care for its characters is what drives me in the game every day! Knowing these characters more closely is what motivates me to level them stronger, take cool shots of them, and want to learn more of them through gameplay!

8. Anything you want to say to the community?

First of all, I just want to say thank you to every single one of you that have supported me in some way whether it’s through content creation or photo mode, I really appreciate every day that I get to be part of this community, I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for your support! And for those of you that may be starting out to create content, keep pushing on! I had been trying to find my place in content creation for some time now, and it finally happened with Marvel’s Avengers, so keep trying! Let yourself grow and most of all, keep having fun doing so!


Community Challenge

Team up with the global player base to meet mega-goals and unlock rewards.

· Community Challenge: Defeat 3,000,000 Exos

· Reward: 500 Units