War Table and Onboarding Rework on March 24

On March 24 we are reworking the War Table as part of Patch 2.3 with the goal of streamlining missions and to improve the overall user experience. In addition, we’re reworking the onboarding process for newer players to the game, including bringing back Nick Fury to the Helicarrier as a guide. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of exactly what we’re doing, as there are quite a few changes!

Drop Zones, Threat Sectors, and Hives

One of the first major changes you’ll notice when interacting with the War Table on March 24 is that missions no longer change every 15 minutes. Instead Drop Zones and Threat Sectors appear on the War Table at all times, and HIVES will appear once you have reached a power level comparable to the range of the region it is found in. Each region now has a minimum power level and a suggested max power level; moving on at the suggested max power level will take you on a tour from region to region as your strength increases:

  • Eastern Seaboard – power level 1-25
  • Pacific Northwest – power level 25-50
  • Utah Badlands – power level 50-75
  • Snowy Tundra – power level 75-100
  • Future Wastelands – power level 100-125
  • Wakanda – power level 100-140

Villain Sectors

Villain Sectors are now visible on the War Table without needing to grab the mission chain from Faction Mission Givers. Normal Villain Sectors Mission Chains rotate daily and are picked up per usual, while Elite Villain Sectors rotate weekly.


Vaults are now always visible on the War Table; You no longer need to obtain coordinates to have Vaults appear. The related Daily Mission chain is acquired from the SHIELD terminal or mission giver. Elite Vaults rotate weekly.

HARM Rooms

Individual Hero HARM Rooms now have a minimum Power Level of 1. Versions of HARM Challenges I-V will become a part of the priority HARM rotation; they still exist as part of the HARM challenge mission chain but will no longer be visible once completed.

Other Changes

Flashback Missions that ended with a boss fight have been replaced with Wasteland and Wakanda Threat Sectors. No Flashback Mission should end with a Villain Sector boss fight now. Rise and Shine now requires players to complete a mission in Quickmatch. Heroic Mission Chains (previously known as Iconic Mission Chains) now only show on a per Hero basis.

New Missions

We’re also adding brand new missions to the War Table that you can hop into on March 24, including a new Vault and a Villain Sector.

  • This Hostile Earth– Threat Sector – Snowy Tundra
  • Desperate Times – Drop Zone – Future Wastelands
  • Cavorite Crash Site – Drop Zone – Future Wastelands
  • Blood from a Stone– Threat Sector – Future Wastelands
  • Wasteland Vault and Elite Wasteland Vault – Vault – Future Wastelands
  • Illusion of Truth and Unthinkable (Elite) – Taskmaster Villain Sector – Future Wastelands

Avengers Initiative Onboarding Rework

Nick Fury returns to the Helicarrier to guide newer players into the Avengers Initiative! You can speak to him at the War Table upon logging in to see what he’s been up to. In fact, he’ll replace JARVIS and Maria Hill’s narration in the beginning of the Avengers Initiative, during new tutorial videos, and in some missions. Although this is mainly for new players, existing players can go through this process with Nick Fury to catch up with him.

Quest/Mission Chain Onboarding Rework

Currently, there are a series of quests or mission chains that guide players to multiple mission types as a way of teaching new players how the Avengers Initiative works. Feedback has made it clear this can be confusing since there is minimal direction. The following changes will be made in Patch 2.3 to offer clarity and to properly explain the systems, missions, and how to begin your journey in the Avengers Initiative as you progress rather than one after another.

  • Reigning Supreme has been removed
  • Vault Onboarding has been removed
  • Hive Mind has been removed
  • The previous version of Cloning Around has been removed
  • Iconic Avengers unlocks when reaching power level 10
  • SHIELD Protocols unlocks when reaching power level 20
  • Beating the Odds unlocks when reaching power level 20
  • Inhuman Sanctuary unlocks when reaching power level 30
  • Last Avenger Standing unlocks when reaching power level 130
  • Mega Hive unlocks when reaching power level 130
  • Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion unlocks when reaching power level 140
  • Discordant Sound Raid unlocks at power level 150
  • Elite Discordant Sound Raid unlocks at power level 160

We hope that these changes will work together to create a smoother and more efficient experience for both new and existing players. Please let us know what you think of the new War Table Rework once you see it in action on March 24!