Tachyon Anomaly Event Begins on April 22!

First revealed one month ago at Square Enix Presents, the Tachyon Anomaly Event is coming on April 22 and includes a variety of activities involving Tachyon Rifts. Being able to have a Strike Team composed of more than one of the same Hero has been a much-requested feature in the past, so we’re excited to see everyone jump in!

Temporal Assault

AIM’s tampering with time has led to periodic Tachyon Anomalies. Whenever these events occur, Avengers from different timelines can converge in a single location and take on the world’s threats together. The first Tachyon Anomaly is happening from April 22 to May 3 and allows players to form teams of more than one of the same hero, so a Strike Team of four Hulks is possible – and smashingly wild. Players can also matchmake into teams that contain the same Heroes, meaning you’ll never know what combination of Heroes you may be part of.

During these two weeks, there will be a weekly mission chain that rewards Hivemind Set Gear, and daily missions that reward Priority Set Gear for high-level Heroes.

We’re also introducing Temporal Assault Nameplates which are animated nameplates you can get to add some shine to your experience. You’ll receive an animated team nameplate as a reward for the first completion of the weekly mission chain that can be used on any Hero!

There are also Hero-specific animated nameplates that will be available in the Marketplace:

  • April 22 – 29 – Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk
  • April 29 – May 6 – Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop

Let us know what you think of this event and if you want it to return!

Tachyon Rift Missions

During the Tachyon Anomaly Event, multiple Tachyon Rift Missions will appear at a time. There will also be new Tachyon Rift Missions for Heroes who are Power Level 1-100, which will rotate every day and offer relevant rewards. Finally, there is a new Tachyon Mission in town: And We’re Back.

For players who may be new to Marvel’s Avengers, Tachyon Rifts are timed missions that usually require Power Level 140+ with only one appearing on the War Table per week. These missions reward powerful Cosmic Gear that can allow Heroes to gain Willpower (Life) upon attacking enemies. In order to unlock Tachyon Rift Missions, players must complete the SHIELD Substation Zero Mission Chain that takes them to the Pacific Northwest.

If you and a buddy are both Iron Man mains and haven’t been able to play together because of the restrictions, then make sure to tell them about this event because you can have a Strike Team full of fliers now – we’d love to see some air formation videos.

We invite you to take screenshots of your team in the Temporal Assault Event and to tag us in all your photos so we can see how creative you are – we’re @PlayAvengers on Twitter and Instagram!