Marvel’s Avengers V1.5.1 Patch Notes

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation: 3/30 at 8AM
  • Xbox: 3/30 at 8AM
  • Steam: 3/30 at 8AM
  • Stadia: 3/30 at 8AM


  • Flashback Missions – Flashback Missions show up on a daily rotation and can only be completed once a day. The rewards from these missions will now include Legendary set gear if the hero is above Power Level 100.
    • Gear slots will be determined by the mission in rotation for that day. For example, the Along Came a Spider mission will grant either a ranged or melee slot legendary item. While the next day’s Mistaken Identity mission will grant a Defense or Heroic legendary item from the same set.


  • When replaying the Reassemble Campaign, it is now safe to travel to the Ant Hill before reaching it.
  • Fixed an issue where the cinematic would not trigger on Xbox One X following Anchor Points, thus halting progress.
  • Trophy progression now transfers properly between PS4 to PS5 using save game migration. However, this only fixes new save migrations. Players who have already migrated their save can do one of the following to receive the missing trophy.
    • Migrate again and receive trophies on their PS5, but anyone who does this will lose all progress made on their PS5 save since the moment they migrated.
    • Re-earn their trophies on PS5 and keep their current made progress.
  • Objects no longer overlap and block player progression during the House Call mission.
  • The Hawkeyes mission outro no longer hangs on a still image for an extended period of time before progressing.
  • Enemies now spawn correctly in customizable HARM Rooms if players use the “Reset HARM Room” option from the pause menu before spawning a first fight.
  • Fixed an issue in By Force of Mind where the mission would not progress after defeating all Dreadbot and Adaptoid enemies as Captain America.
  • Players can no longer go out of bounds on the Days of Anger mission to attack Maestro without getting hit themselves.
  • Various crash, black screen, and performance fixes.


  • Strike Team members will now see a rock wall in the Days of Anger mission right before entering Maestro’s lair at the same time the hosting player does.
  • Various matchmaking optimizations and improvements.


  • Enable and Disable now properly appear when selecting Takedowns.
  • Tutorials and Message of the Day notifications no longer overlap.


  • Fixed a bug where sometimes enemies would float in air when stunned near a wall.


  • Added Hero-specific gear to activities which previously rewarded underwhelming gear at higher power levels.
    • Villain Sectors – Will now drop Legendary set gear previously found in Elite Villain Sectors for heroes above Power Level 100.


  • Days of Anger and Symphony in a Gamma Key sometimes do not appear.