Patch Notes v2.6.1

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation: Oct. 11
  • Xbox: Oct. 11
  • Steam: Oct. 11
  • Stadia: Oct. 11


  • We fixed an issue where playing as multiple Jane Foster’s did not apply to objectives requiring duplicate Heroes in players’ parties, specifically in Tachyon Anomaly event missions. Duplicate Mighty Thor’s are now recognized by mission objectives require duplicate Heroes.


  • We fixed a clipping issue occurring when players would crouch as Hawkeye while wearing his ‘Retro’ Outfit.
  • Thor’s hair while wearing the Metalhead Outfit now turns invisible as intended when the player is affected by Black Widow’s “Veil of Shadows” ability.
  • While wearing Hawkeye’s ‘Retro’ Outfit, the bow now shows the proper colors when using Emotes.
  • Hulk’s skin no longer clips through his pants when wearing the ‘Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok’ Outfit and performing light attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where Lethal Nimble Overdrive would remove Intrinsic Energy from Iron Man when the effect ends.


  • The Red Room Takeover event now rewards 100 Update Modules, as intended.
  • The ‘Temporal Assault’ Codex entry no longer unlocks alongside the entries for the Red Room Takeover and Rooskaya Protocols events, as intended.
  • We fixed an issue preventing players from receiving bonus resources from Villain Sectors.