Patch Notes v2.3.2

"Marvel's Avengers Patch Notes"

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation – 4/26
  • Xbox – 4/26
  • Steam – 4/26
  • Stadia – 4/26


  • Fixed an issue causing the HIVE Mind Mission Chain to still be active on the War Table.
  • Fixed an issue causing Vault Missions to disappear from the War Table upon completion.
  • Fixed an issue during Quickmatch missions causing players’ Heroes to change after reloading a checkpoint.
  • Fixed an issue causing the War Table to display inaccurate mission rewards on Elite Vault missions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the War Table to display incorrect rewards on some Villain Sector missions.


  • Fixed an issue causing environmental distortion in Taskmaster Wasteland missions. Fixed an issue with several MCU Thor Outfits that display the non-MCU version of Mjolnir when the player throws it.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Kamala’s “Magnificent Ms. Marvel” Outfit.