Marvel’s Avengers Patch Notes V2.2.1

Release Timing:

  • PlayStation: 12/14
  • Xbox: 12/14
  • Steam: 12/14
  • Stadia: 12/14

  • In Discordant Sound, the giant Klaw no longer fires his one-shot beam up to three times in a row, sometimes without indicators. 
  • Stability improvements and crash fixes for the Discordant Sound Raid.
  • After completing the Forge or Control Room in Discordant Sound, the correct loading screen cinematic appears for all players when it previously didn’t play for some players.
  • When players take the elevator to the Forge in Discordant Sound, they no longer eject or clip through it. 

  • Spider-Man’s Wrestler and Alumnus Outfits’ preview icons now match the actual outfit. 
  • The Marketplace preview image for the Spider-Man Emote ‘Aww Shucks’ is now the correct one. 

  • Spider-Man’s Web-Repeater Skill description indicates that it can be used in air now. 
  • Unlocking any Webbed Mastery Skill for Spider-Man no longer unlocks an additional Intrinsic Mastery Skill in the same position. 
  • Iron Man no longer becomes invincible when failing to summon the Hulkbuster on uneven ground. 

  • [Xbox] The eyes and eyebrows for Captain America’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War Outfit appear correctly on Xbox. 

  • Players who previously unlocked Intel Outfits should now have them properly unlocked again. 
  • Kate Bishop now gets a piece of Vibranium Payload gear at low Power Levels in the Corrupted Vibranium Event.