Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and More Coming June 27

Kate Bishop lunging with her sword down onto the Super-Adaptoid

On June 27, the next panel of our roadmap will go live, which includes Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion, multiplayer Mega Hives, and the ability to play multiple of the same Hero permanently! Let’s go into more detail about these new features.

Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion

Omega-Level Threat missions require full four-player strike teams at Power Level 145+ (the game’s maximum Power Level of 150 is recommended) and though players can run them as many times as they’d like, Omega-Level Threats award the highest-end gear for success once per week per account. We’re currently exploring allowing the weekly rewards to be given out once per week per character in the near future.

The first one we’ll be introducing is Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion, which is a more challenging version of the Family Reunion mission from the Taking Aim Operation. The main differences you’ll notice is the new explosive fight against the Super-Adaptoid who has new tricks up its sleeve, ones that will be tough to deal with without coordination. Besides that, we have added the Attrition, Overshield, Meridian, and Supercharged modifiers to amp up the experience, meaning there’ll be a time restraint similar to Tachyon Rifts, but with lots more firepower. Finally, we have removed most of the cinematics other than Super-Adaptoid’s entrance, which you can skip.

A screenshot of a Super Adaptoid. He wears Iron Man's mask, Thor's hammer, and Captain America's shield

This is just the start of Omega-Level Threats and meant to be a glimpse into how they will feel as we introduce more of them. Future Omega-Level Threats like the one that will take place in Wakanda further down the road – and after the War for Wakanda Expansion releases – will be entirely unique with specialized challenges or enemies that push our game’s stories further…so this is very much just the start of new things to come!

Let’s talk about the gear you can get from completing Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion!

Weekly Completion Rewards

  • ·Omega Exotic Gear (Melee/Ranged)
  • ·Omega Exotic Gear (Defense/Heroic)
  • 1 Epic Cosmic themed Minor Artifact
  • ·25 Polychoron
  • ·50 Upgrade Modules

Subsequent Completion Rewards

  • 1 ISO-8
  • 10 Upgrade Modules

Omega Set Description

Rarity: Exotic

Preferred Attributes: Might, Precision, Proficiency, Resolve

Preferred Status Effects: Cosmic, Pym, Cryo

Common Cosmic Perks:

  • Cosmic Aura – Generate a temporary aura of Cosmic energy that restores Willpower for any teammates within range.
  • Cosmic Surge – Dealing damage while the buff is active restores a small amount of Willpower and Heroic energy.
  • Cosmic Payload – Launch a Payload missile that deals Cosmic damage to target.

Other Notable Perks:

  • Cosmic Lethal Empowerment – Chance to grant a burst of Intrinsic energy when defeating an enemy under the Cosmic status effect. This is the first time this Perk will be available.
  • Cryo Lethal Protection – Chance to grant a defense buff when defeating an enemy under the Cryo status effect. This is the first time this Perk will be available.
  • Reactive Payload – Chance to launch an explosive payload missile at the enemy hitting you upon taking damage.

Omega Set gear lacks dedicated defense buffs, damage buffs, or Standard Heroic regen perks in favor of triggered Perks and Cosmic damage improvement.

  • Along with Cosmic Perks from the Cosmic-themed Minor Artifacts, this set is heavily based on players triggering extra Cosmic effects and capitalizing on them.
  • The status pool is smaller to focus on synergistic perks like the one for Cryo which also happens to be the only standard defense buff in this set.
  • This set’s melee and ranged gear can roll with 2 status perks of the same type, but the first slot can also roll stun and crowd control Perks.
  • The Heroic slot will always roll with perks triggering off of Cosmic damage or being hit with Cosmic damage. The defense slot has many options to resist Cosmic damage or triggering Cosmic surge from most actions including being revived. Note: this is the first time Perks will be triggered upon being revived.

Some Heroes might have less Perks than others when it comes to this set’s preferred status effects. As we update gear going beyond Wakanda, this set, like Hivemind before it, will get updated to complete each Hero’s Perk list. Looking at you Hulk.

With proper strategy and timing, Omega gear looks to expand your Hero’s combat capabilities. Slot in a combination of payload and reactive Perks, and you have a set that can augment other builds or become something chaotically beautiful.

Multiplayer Mega Hives

In response to player feedback, Mega Hives will finally allow multiplayer on July 27! When players first log in after installing patch 1.8.2, they’ll see a new mission that will introduce them to multiplayer Mega Hives. Players who still want to take on Mega Hives by themselves can still do so. Once this new feature is added, only Hivemind gear will drop from Mega Hives, both single and multiplayer.

The reward structure will be the similar split of 1 Hivemind piece for the Melee/Ranged slot and 1 for the Defense/Heroic slot.

Coinciding with the multiplayer Mega Hive update, we also wanted to enable players to earn even more Exotic gear per week, so we are revamping the Priority Missions, which will now drop the Exotic Hero Set gear that was previously awarded in Mega Hives. To make this content more compelling, we are combining the missions into a single weekly mission that will be higher Power Level to offer players more of the challenge they are asking for.

This Exotic gear is guaranteed and will replace the Priority gear normally given out in these missions. Priority gear will go through a bit of a rework/rename and will find a new place.

Permanent Ability to Play Multiple Heroes

Due to further tampering by AIM, the ability to play multiple of the same Hero in matchmaking and in Strike Teams is now permanent. We can’t wait to see how you take on Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and multiplayer Mega Hives with new Hero combinations now available. Thank you for the feedback!

We’ll be publishing patch notes for 1.8.2 shortly prior to the patch going live on June 27. Until then, get your Strike Teams ready – the Super-Adaptoid awaits on the horizon.