Marvel’s Avengers – War Table Weekly Blog – Week #124 

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog, where we give you the scoop on game news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more! 


"Weekly Updates"


Weekly Updates 

  • The Rooskaya Protocols enters its second week as the limited-time event in rotation. Collect protocol chips from infected AIM synthoids across the globe while earning powerful gear in the process!

  • We’re running a Triple-XP event for Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther, from today through Jan. 19! 
  • Tony’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3’ is your Shipments specialty item for the next few weeks, until Feb. 2! 



A new comics-inspired Outfit for Hulk hits the Marketplace today! Hulk’s ‘1,000,000 B.C.’ Outfit depicts Vnn, a member of the Stone Age Avengers whose incredible power originates from an ancient force called the Star Brand. 



Thor’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ Thor’ gets an ‘Unhelmed’ variant in the Marketplace today. Similar to our other unmasked variants, if you already own the original masked version of the Outfit, purchasing the ‘Marvel Studios’ Thor Bundle’ gets you the ‘Unhelmed’ variant at a discount. It’s available today in the Marketplace! 



For the same duration as our Triple-XP event, all Marketplace items for Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther are 50% off until Jan. 19, including: 

  • Most MCU and non-MCU Outfits 
  • All Takedowns 
  • All Emotes 
  • All Nameplates 

In addition to our Marketplace sale, we’re running a 50% off sale on Hero Card Activations and Skips! If there’s a Hero you’ve been holding out on experiencing, now’s a great time to take them for a spin while earning original and comics-inspired Outfits for them when you activate their Hero Card.  



And finally: don’t forget to claim your free Marketplace item this week: a 2-hr. Hero’s Catalyst, which earns you Double-XP for two hours. This is additive to our Triple-XP event for Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther, so take advantage of the bonus experience! 



Amazon Prime Gaming members can claim a free, Kate Bishop-themed Drop of in-game items, including: 

  • Kate’s ‘Hawkingbird’ Outfit
  • Kate Bishop-themed Nameplate 
  • 3-Day Hero’s Catalyst 
  • 3-Day Fragment Extractor 

Claim it now: