Recap: Klaw Raid and Spider-Man War Table Deep Dive!

Discordant Sound Raid, various improvements game systems, and for PlayStation players Spider-Man become available TOMORROW! If you haven’t yet watched the video about everything coming in Patch 2.2, here’s a quick recap!

In our special War Table Deep Dive, we went into the details on what kind of challenge you can expect from our first Raid and gave a first look at the gameplay and abilities of everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound

The new Raid, Discordant Sound, is end-game content designed to challenge the highest-level strike teams and is unlike anything you’ve encountered before in the game. As you and your friends descend into the mines within Mena Ngai, the Great Mound, you’ll face elite enemies and puzzles that will require serious coordination to progress.

Our story picks up directly after the events of “War for Wakanda.” Shuri, the newly appointed Queen Regent, informs Black Panther and the Avengers of a new threat that could destroy Wakanda. Corrupted Vibranium has infested the Great Mound and is spreading through the Wakandan jungle, heralding the return of the sonic monster Klaw. Our Heroes find Mena Ngai swarming with Klaw’s forces and a large sonic barrier blocking the entrance to the mines. Wakanda’s greatest warriors join forces with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stop the giant Klaw from realizing his devastating vengeance against Wakanda.

Your strike team will encounter all-new enemies, environments, and puzzles never seen before in Marvel’s Avengers that will test your mind, combat prowess, and cooperative teamwork skills. You’ll have to delve into the Mound yourself to find all its secrets and earn its rewards!

Game System Updates

In addition to bringing players our first ever Raid, we’re also making some major updates to the game systems. For the first time, we’re raising the maximum Power Level (PL) from PL 150 to PL 175.

There are a few ways to reach the new Power Level cap. Rewards from the Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion and Discordant Sound weekly objectives can now be 10 levels higher up to Power Level 150. As always, a fully boosted Major Artifact can grant you up to 10 extra levels. Once you’ve hit Power Level 160, you can access to the Elite version of Discordant Sound, which rewards gear up to the new Power Level hard cap. Lastly, you no longer have to pick a single Hero to gear up at a time: weekly objectives are now completable once per week with each Hero.

To help you max your characters as efficiently as possible, new weekly objectives for the Omega Level Threat Family Reunion and Discordant Sound Raid will reward players with gear guaranteed to be higher Power Level until you hit the cap for those objectives.

In addition to raising the Power Level (PL) cap, our new system will allow you to upgrade any gear that is PL 100+ and epic rarity or higher an unlimited number of times until it reaches the Power Level cap. If you’ve been holding onto a piece of gear that has the perfect rolls but had since become underpowered, you can now update it and take it with you as you forge on towards the new max Power Level.

We’re also streamlining the way you use resources to upgrade gear. Starting with Patch 2.2, the only resources you’ll need to upgrade a piece of gear are Fragments, Upgrade Modules, and an unwanted higher-level piece of gear. The cost to upgrade a piece of gear will increase the higher the target Power Level.

If you’d like a deeper dive into the details of the Klaw Raid, Discordant Gear, and the Power Level Increase, you can read up on these changes in our Klaw Raid Developer Blog. We also have a Perks, Resources, and Gear Upgrade Reworks Developer Blog for more information on that too!


Our brand-new Shipments system provides an exciting new way to collect and earn some of our coolest cosmetics. Shipments will contain a randomized collection of cosmetics and resources that update on a rotating basis, but you’ll be able to see everything in a shipment before you decide to spend your hard-earned Units. Best yet, opening 100 shipments in a cycle will guarantee a top-tier reward. Any duplicates of cosmetics you’ve already unlocked are converted into Fragments. Shipments can be bought with earnable Units, and you can earn a free one every day through multiplayer play.

We have a Developer Blog covering Shipments, the return of Patterns, and the Cosmetic Vendor rework for more information.


PlayStation players, assemble: Spider-Man is joining your roster! Our team has been hard at work crafting an all-new Hero Event for Marvel’s Avengers, exclusively for PlayStation.

In the Spider-Man: With Great Power Hero Event, Peter Parker partners up with the Avengers to stop AIM from acquiring technology that could make their Synthoid army unstoppable. Spider-Man forms a tentative friendship with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow while learning the new dynamic of working in a team. Our Peter Parker is a conscientious and cautious early-20-something Hero who is still adjusting to balancing his double life as Spider-Man.

Jumping right into the “With Great Power Hero Event” is simple: just click the option from the War Table within the Avengers Initiative. Spider-Man is a playable Hero from the get-go and requires no unlocking or completion of any campaigns. You’ll be able to take on new Spidey-specific challenges and earn Spider-Man themed rewards to help you and your team in the fight.


The high-flying wall-crawler brings a completely new experience to the Avengers with an acrobatic traversal and combat style and a suite of new powers, making him a great way to see the entire Avengers Initiative through a new mask.

Core to Spider-Man’s gameplay are his webs. Not only can he use them to swing and zip anywhere, but he uses them in combat to quickly close distances, maneuver enemies to his advantage, and web enemies up with his unique Webbed status effect. All his web-based attacks build up a Web Status meter on enemies. Once the meter is full, enemies become Webbed, immobilizing them and making them vulnerable to attacks from any Avenger. All of Spider-Man’s ranged attacks and Heroics build up Web Status, and his mastery tree and gear allow players to further customize the effects of the Webbed status debuff. Combined with his ability to perform Takedowns regularly, Spider-Man becomes an excellent support option for your team.

The Spider Skirmish light combo is designed to build up stun damage and juggle enemies into the air. Pair it with his signature attack Take to the Sky to launch enemies up and continue the combo in-air. While on a wall, Predator Instincts gives you the ability to perform a powerful leaping punch that deals bonus Impact Damage. Evade an enemy attack while the Spider-Sense warning is visible to activate defensive armor. Evade at the last second to perform a Perfect Evade which leaves the enemy vulnerable to follow-up attacks. While dodging, use Think Fast to perform a low spinning kick that can trip enemies, making them easier to combo, or Double Fire to quickly build up Web Status on the enemy. Quick Reflexes and Web-Counter are stronger versions of these attacks and can be performed after a Perfect Evade.

The Wreckage Skill is Spidey’s intrinsic meter that charges up by dealing melee damage and avoiding enemy attacks that drain it. Once the meter is full, Spider-Man can perform a Takedown on an enemy without having to stun them, even if the enemy is in the air.


Spider-Man’s Assault and Support Heroics demonstrate his gadget-making skills. His Web-Bomb Assault Heroic is used to web up large groups of enemies, while his Spider-Drone Support Heroic zips around the battlefield laying down cover fire with web projectiles. Upgrades improve damage output or provide defensive bonuses like Willpower regeneration and defensive armor.

His Ultimate Heroic – Wrecking Ball creates a massive ball of webs that slams into the ground, smashing enemies under it and knocking back nearby foes. Triggering it provides a heroic buff that reduces damage and increases damage dealt. Once upgraded, intrinsic energy auto-generates, allowing Spidey to use his Wreckage skills even more often.

You’ll be able to collect up to 40 new outfits for Spider-Man! His unique personality is captured in over 20 emotes you can unlock. Many of these can be earned through gameplay, but players can also purchase cosmetics as well.

Our first year has brought great changes to our story and the Avengers Initiative. Now it’s time for you to test your mettle against Klaw, and for PlayStation players to take your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for a spin!

As always, thank you for telling us what you think, and for creating and sharing your awesome Marvel’s Avengers fan content! We’ll see you online and in the game!