Marvel’s Avengers Beginner’s Guide 4: Heroes

Black Panther leaps into battle against AIM robots

Welcome to Marvel’s Avengers! This guide will help you understand everything about the game from the single-player experience to the massive multiplayer experience full of different missions, gear builds, and Heroes. If you’re ever confused about a specific term or feature, head to this guide. As the game changes over time, we’ll make sure to update it so this will always be the latest information available. This project is in collaboration with our wonderful community members from Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. If you have a tip you’d like to submit to be featured here, let us know on Discord!

If you’d rather watch videos, here are a few Beginner’s Guides from streamers and content creators:

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I. Campaigns & Operations, & Avenger’s Initiative

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IV. Heroes


Black Panther

Black Panther is a fast and agile hero, quickly darting towards opponents with a flurry of claw slashes and kicks. His use of Wakanda tech is prevalent not only his defensive capabilities, but his ranged attacks and heroics as well. His link to the ancestral plain and the panther goddess Bast empowers him for his ultimate heroic.

  • Panther Cowl (Intrinsic Ability) – Black Panther’s suit can absorb kinetic energy from enemy attacks, storing it to be unleashed in a variety of offensive actions. Panther’s Parry redirects the energy from enemy attacks, blasting the attacker back with a powerful burst of kinetic energy. Once the intrinsic meter is full, Percussive Blast unleashes all the stored energy in a large kinetic burst and boosts melee damage for a short duration.
  • King’s Mercy (Assault Heroic) – Throw a Vibranium Spear at enemies capable of pinning targets. The spear will pierce through targets it is unable to pin. Potential upgrades include the ability to throw multiple spears at a time or generating an AoE (area of effect) attack.
  • Kimoyo Beads (Support Heroic) – Release a set of Kimoyo Beads that seek out enemy targets, dealing a large burst of stun damage and reducing the target’s impact resistance making them easier to interrupt. Potential upgrades include the ability to heal Heroes or absorbing damage.
  • Bast’s Chosen (Ultimate Heroic) – Summon the power of Bast and the ancestral plain to fortify the Panther Goddess’ champion. Reduces damage taken and increases damage dealt for a short period of time. Potential upgrades include summoning spectral warriors to assist in battle or reviving downed allies upon activation.

Community Black Panther Builds:

Black Widow

As a master spy and assassin, Black Widow can zip around the battlefield with ease using her grappling hook and Veil of Shadows. She also brings heavy artillery to take down enemies from afar using pistols and submachine guns. Black Widow turns more deadly if you can avoid taking damage with her, so make sure to watch out for enemy attacks.

  • Shadow Ops (Intrinsic Ability) – Attacking enemies without taking damage boosts the energy of an intrinsic Shadow Ops meter. Filling this meter triggers an Overcharge state, increasing all damage by 20%.
  • Widow’s Bite (Assault Heroic) – Fire an electrostatic dart that inflicts repeated bursts of Shock damage and immobilizes enemies near the impact point. Potential upgrades include the ability to have the Widow’s Bite attach to enemies or to turn Black Widow’s gauntlet into an electric powerhouse.
  • Veil of Shadows (Support Heroic) – Turn invisible by throwing down a short-range cloaking device that temporarily makes all team members in proximity invisible. Invisible players can’t be tracked and lose all aggro. Potential upgrades include increased damage or Critical Chance when invisible.
  • Power Surge (Ultimate Heroic) – Enter a specialized attack stance that deploys an energized baton staff for gracefully assaulting multiple enemies with special Light and Heavy attacks that deal Shock damage. Power Surge also provides a 15% reduction to incoming damage.

Community Black Widow Builds:

Captain America

Captain America is a brawler, who can act as an anchor for the team, utilizing his shield to block damage and taunt enemies. He can also use his shield offensively to target multiple enemies at once at a distance and can perform Takedowns with ease.

  • Shield Block (Intrinsic Ability) – Block incoming attacks, draining Shield Block energy variable to the amount of damage blocked. Pressing Heavy Attack while blocking releases Commander’s Call, a shockwave that can Taunt enemies and send them flying backwards.
  • Steamroller (Assault Heroic) – Target up to four enemies and throw the shield with incredible force, dealing significant damage as it ricochets between them. Potential upgrades are the ability to hold two charges of Steamroller or kicking back the shield to deal additional Heroic Attack Damage.
  • Rally Cry (Support Heroic) – Enemies in proximity and those attacked while Rally Cry is active are “marked.” Enemies marked by Rally Cry take additional damange from all sources. Potential upgrades include granting a Defensive Buff to all Strike Team members or increasing the time Rally Cry is up.
  • Brooklyn Brawler (Ultimate Heroic) – Unleash a powerful shield slam to the ground that refills Intrinsic energy and stops enemies in their tracks. After the shield slam, all damage and defensive strength is increased and a new Light Attack combo utilizing smaller shield throws is temporarily available. Potential upgrades include the ability to perform Takedowns on low-health enemies or performing Takedowns while Brooklyn Brawler is active increases the buff duration.

Community Captain America Builds:


Clint Barton is a master archer and a master swordsman who has no trouble attacking enemies up close, but really excels when he uses his bow. With a plethora of arrow types for every situation, Hawkeye is perfect for players who prefer ranged damage – and lots of it. When in a pinch, he can also use Recovery Arrow to place down a healing field.

  • Archer’s Instinct (Intrinsic Ability) – Although initially a dodge ability, pressing different buttons after activating Hawkeye’s Intrinsic ability opens up the use of more arrows like Boomerang Arrow and Grapple Arrow.
  • Nightstorm Arrow (Assault Heroic) – Target a bombardment zone, then fire an arrow that rains down multiple explosive projectiles over the designated area. Potential upgrades are adding Status charges to the area like Shock, Cryo, and Plasma, which alter the visual effects by creating a thunderstorm, hailstorm, and fire tornado respectively.
  • Recovery Arrow (Support Heroic) – Fire an arrow that deploys nanobots over a local area which recovers Willpower for any Hero within range for a set period of time. Potential upgrades include granting an additional defensive barrier or increasing the time the healing field is active.
  • Hunter’s Arrow (Ultimate Heroic) – Fire an AI-driven smart arrow that seeks out targets and deals large amounts of damage as it pierces through them. The Hunter’s Arrow can hit targets up to 10 times before running out of energy. Potential upgrades include firing 2 Hunter’s Arrows at once or telling the arrow to prioritize the currently targeted enemy.

Community Hawkeye Builds:

  • SonicPhoto’s Battery Effect Build –
  • TonyBing’s Bag of Tricks Crit Build –


SMASH! Hulk’s job is to cause massive chaos throughout the battlefield with his multiple AoE attacks and ability to do a smashing amount of damage. Coupled with his ability to Rage, which heals him when he lands a blow, and the ability to throw rocks, he is a formidable tank that is unstoppable.

  • Rage (Intrinsic Ability) – Attacking enemies and receiving damage fuels an Intrinsic Rage meter. When activating Rage, defense is increased and all attacks inflict more damage while recovering a portion of your Willpower.
  • Stranglehold (Assault Heroic) – Dash forward and execute a powerful fist slam that launches nearby enemies into the air. Enemies hit while dashing will take considerable damage and be knocked away. Activating again will slam the ground immediately and end the move early. Potential upgrades include releasing a Gamma-radiated area that deals damage over time or dealing 200% more Stun damage.
  • Boneshaker (Support Heroic) – Unleash a terrifying roar that increases defense and taunts all nearby enemies, drawing their attention away from other targets. Potential upgrades include refilling either Willpower or Rage if enemies are defeated with Boneshaker or reducing damage dealt by enemies who have been taunted.
  • Thunderclap (Ultimate Heroic) – Hulk slams his hands together in a huge slap, sending out a shockwave that knocks away nearby enemies in the blast and deals significant damage. Potential upgrades include creating a Gamma-radiated area upon activation or increasing the distance the shockwave goes.

Community Tips:

  • If you have Status effects on your Heavy Power Attacks and your Ranged with Small Debris with, grab a Small Debris from the ground then jump in the sky, use your Heavy Power Attack, and activate his Rage. This allows Hulk to apply 2 Status effects for 2X Battery Damage. (From Laajune)

Community Hulk Builds:

Iron Man

Tony Stark can dart through the air with incredible speed and utilizes his many weapons in various situations. Able to freely change his attacks from repulsors to lasers to rockets in a pinch while looking stylish, Iron Man is a favorite for players who want some explosive fun while managing his resources.

  • Supercharge Energy (Intrinsic Ability) – Iron Man can change what weapon he currently has equipped from repulsors, lasers, and rockets. Firing any of these off will deplete Supercharge Energy. If Iron Man is Overcharged, he can use these weapons an unlimited amount of time before the temporary buff is over.
  • Unibeam (Assault Heroic) – Unleash Tony’s iconic beam of torrential energy drawn directly from the central R.T. node. Activating the ability only uses a portion of Assault Heroic energy while holding it down extends the duration of the blast at the cost of more energy. Potential upgrades include the ability to add repulsor beams for extra damage or the potential to Overcharge your Intrinsic meter.
  • Arc Overload (Support Heroic) – Overload the Arc Reactor, emitting a massive pulse of electrical energy that instantly shocks nearby enemies and triggers Overcharge. While Overcharged, Intrinsic energy is continuously filled, all Ranged Attack damage is increased, and attack speed is also enhanced. Potential upgrades include the ability to revive nearby teammates or generating a bubble that blocks incoming damage.
  • Hulkbuster (Ultimate Heroic) – Summon and equip the Hulkbuster. While inside the Hulkbuster, damage is absorbed by the armor. Taking damage or attacking will decrease the time the Hulkbuster remains active. A whole new slew of attacks is unlocked while using the Hulkbuster for maximum fun. Iron Man can also allow other Strike Team members to get in the Hulkbuster. Potential upgrades include opening up more attacks like Hulkbuster Unibeam, Disruption Pulse, and Magno-Missile Barrage. Try them out to see what they are!

Community Iron Man Builds:

Kate Bishop

As Hawkeye’s protégé, Kate learned a lot from Clint, but she has her own set of skills that highlight her equally impressive bow and sword skills. Kate also was able to steal and repurpose some of AIM’s technology, which she has incorporated into her moveset for teleporting shenanigans that will take enemies by surprise.

  • Quantum Reactor (Intrinsic Ability) – A portable device that gathers, amplifies, and stores Intrinsic Quantum energy for various moves. Kate can teleport over to an enemy for increased sword damage, parry enemy attacks and teleport behind them, or use Quantum Reactor to teleport short distances across the map.
  • Warp Arrow (Assault Heroic) – Aim and release to fire an arrow that teleports Kate to the point of impact. Teleporting to the arrow creates a quantum explosion that deals damage to all nearby enemies, launching them into the air. Potential upgrades include the ability to remove the teleport effect for a gravity well that pulls in nearby enemies or Wormhole, which your Strike Team members can use to teleport between locations.
  • Decoy (Support Heroic) – Throw a miniature hologram projector that diverts attention away from Heroes. Potential upgrades include the Decoy dropping Regen orbs or causing it to self-destruct.
  • Quantum Overdrive (Ultimate Heroic) – Overcharge the Intrinsic meter with Quantum Energy that overflows to power up all Ranged and Melee attacks. Potential upgrades include giving Kate’s sword the ability to send out energy projectiles or creating energy explosions when she teleports.

Community Kate Builds:

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan has the ability to Polymorph, able to stretch and embiggen her body in creative ways to take down enemies within striking distance. She excels at fighting hordes of enemies around her, but can also grab single enemies to deal decent damage. Finally, Ms. Marvel is an expert healer who can save a team from certain defeat.

  • Polymorph (Intrinsic Ability) – Bend and twist out of the way of basic attacks. Morph in size and strength by holding the activation button. While morphed, attacks inflict increased damage and impact. Hold down Light Attack while Polymorph is active to activate Whirlwind to hit all nearby enemies in a sweeping spin motion.
  • High Five (Assault Heroic) – Activate to smash foes with a giant palm strike and stun nearby enemies. Potential upgrades include adding a large explosion upon impact or the ability to pin enemies.
  • Healing Spirit (Support Heroic) – Send a radial shockwave of energy that instantly restores Willpower and staggers nearby enemies. Teammate Willpower is also partially restored. Potential upgrades include being able to revive yourself when already downed or granting 100% Intrinsic energy as well as Willpower.
  • Embiggen (Ultimate Heroic) – Grow incredible in size with significantly increased damage and impact. Potential upgrades include the ability to draw aggro from enemies in this form or the ability to extend the duration of Embiggen.

Community Ms. Marvel Builds:


Bring the thunder with the god of thunder, Thor! Excelling at AoE (area of effect) attacks and applying Shock damage, Thor can fly through the skies to rain down chaos from above. He can throw Mjolnir at enemies to pin them while fighting barehanded and seamlessly call Mjolnir back to his hand. Utilizing Mjolnir’s intricacies and pure destructive power is key when it comes to using Thor.

  • Odinforce (Intrinsic Ability) – Activate Odinforce, a divine power that harnesses lightning to Counter incoming attacks but drains Intrinsic Odinforce energy. While Odinforce is active, boost the strength of all melee attacks with an electrical charge that applies Shock damage to targets and interrupts enemy attacks.
  • God Blast (Assault Heroic) – Summon a harrowing whirlwind that lifts nearby enemies into the air before blasting them with a power bolt of god-powered light that inflicts Shock damage. Potential upgrades include the ability to apply Cryo damage or to store up to three shorter charges of God Blast.
  • Warrior’s Fury (Support Heroic) – Channel the power of the gods, super-charging the Odinforce ability beyond its normal limits. Automatically arcs electricity out to nearby enemies, imbues all attacks with lightning, and grants a period of invulnerability for all nearby team members when activated. Potential upgrades include granting a temporary damage boost to nearby teammates or granting Willpower over a period of time.
  • Bifrost (Ultimate Heroic) – Travel to another realm before returning in a devastating torrent of energy from the heavens. Use the left stick after departure to pinpoint the impact destination. Potential upgrades include leaving the impact area charged with Cryo or Plasma, or the ability to restore Willpower to yourself and teammates.

Tip from Discord user kyris007 – Thor and several other characters can access their Heavy Combo Finisher after a dodge mid-combo. This must be performed during the penultimate hit of a combo. Dodge, then press your desired Light/Heavy Finisher button without inputting any direction. This can also be used during a combo finisher to ‘double up’ on combo finishers. Make sure to dodge before the end of the combo finisher.