Marvel’s Avengers Beginner’s Guide 3: Mission Types

Black Panther leaps into battle against AIM robots

Welcome to Marvel’s Avengers! This guide will help you understand everything about the game from the single-player experience to the massive multiplayer experience full of different missions, gear builds, and Heroes. If you’re ever confused about a specific term or feature, head to this guide. As the game changes over time, we’ll make sure to update it so this will always be the latest information available. This project is in collaboration with our wonderful community members from Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. If you have a tip you’d like to submit to be featured here, let us know on Discord!

If you’d rather watch videos, here are a few Beginner’s Guides from streamers and content creators:

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I. Campaigns & Operations, & Avenger’s Initiative

II. Gear

III. Mission Types

IV. Heroes

The Avengers square off against the Scientist Supreme

Mission Types

During your adventures with the Avengers, you’ll come across various mission types. If you have an objective to complete Warzones, you can do any mission type to complete this objective. To unlock certain mission types, you’ll need to progress through the Reigning Supreme mission chain. Go to our Reigning Supreme section of the guide above.

There are various mission types in Marvel’s Avengers, each with their own layouts, objectives, enemies, and rewards. Remembering the specifics of each mission is important when completing Daily and Weekly Challenges or looking for specific gear or resource rewards. Below is a summary of each type of mission, which are all available on the War Table’s various areas. (Thank you to @CalexStreams and @SonicPhoto for writing this section!)


These are large open maps with a hidden Vault location the player is tasked to find. They include multiple optional areas to explore for chests or elite mini-boss encounters. The player is tasked to locate the hidden Vault and complete a series of code inputs to open the Vault, which holds multiple strongboxes to open and resources to gather. These missions are part of the Vault Onboarding Mission Chain but also give their own mission chain when you unlock them. To access these missions, the player will need to locate Vault coordinates from hidden shield caches in other missions. Once a Vault is completed, the Vault coordinate will need to be reacquired to show up on the War Table again. Reacquire Vault coordinates from DNA Strongboxes, which are opened with DNA keys found in Villain Sectors.


Completing a Vault will reward you with Legendary Hero Set Gear if Power Level 80 or above, a rare or better quality gear, and Upgrade Modules.


HARM Rooms

The HARM room mission type is a great place to train up your skills with your Heroes. These missions are wave-based encounters, and task the player with defeating all the enemies inside. These can be done with your AI teammates or friends.


Completing HARM Rooms reward you with comics.

Customizable HARM Rooms

The Customizable HARM Room mission is exactly what it says it is, a HARM room that can be tweaked by players to include any enemy type and the amount of enemies they wish to take on. This is a great place to slow down, and work on your playstyle and put your build to the test. These are single player only and do not give rewards for completion and cannot be used to progress challenges.


Threat Sectors

In these missions, you will be helping those in need of assistance in that biome that are facing the forces of AIM or the Klaue Company. You will end up in a combination of interior and outdoor settings for each biome. Some Threat Sectors may potentially have a secret SHIELD Cache to find that will help you unlock new Vault missions.


Threat Sectors reward you with Epic hero gear, with a chance at other scaling quality gear.


Villain Sectors

True to its name, Villain Sectors contain Villains waiting at the end for players to test their skills against. From Abomination, Taskmaster, Maestro, Warbot, Warship, and the Scientist Supreme, each brings a unique challenge. You can accept Villain Sectors from each Faction Terminal once a day. Beating the Odds is a special Villain Sector for the Scientist Supreme and is directly in the War Table, and can be replayed as many times as you like although the rewards will differ.


Completing these daily Villain Sectors will reward you with a Legendary Hero Set Gear if you have reached Power Level 100, and they also provide you with Polychoron, a DNA Key, and 1250 Faction XP for the corresponding Faction the daily is for. DNA Keys can be used in DNA Strongboxes found in Vault Missions. Since Beating the Odds is a more complicated Villain Sector, it has its own weekly mission chain where you can get rewarded with Tachyon Legendary Gear and a chance at Exotics from the Storm Set.


Drop Zones

The shortest mission type of them all, perfect for those who want a quick round. There are only two rooms, the entrance room and encounter room. In the entrance room, before you move to the encounter room, you will more than likely find a bronze strongbox to open. The encounter room is the objective of the mission. Clearing this room and completing the objective will complete it. The objective types you can find in these missions are elimination, assault, sabotage, control, and horde.


Completing Drop Zones will reward you with a Rare or Epic Minor Artifact and Uru.


Hives and Elite Hives

Hives are multi-floor AIM lab locations, and task the Avengers with completing multiple objectives; one per floor. Typically, Hives are 6 floors and include objective types such as control, elimination, sabotage, hack, and rescue defector AIM scientists. The Elite Hives follow this same structure and objectives, but with an increased Power Level requirement for a more difficult challenge.


Hives reward players with Epic Hero Set gear, Upgrade Modules, and Uru while the Elite version rewards you with Legendary Hero Set gear and Upgrade Modules.


Elite Heroic Hive (Last Avenger Standing)

Fight through to the deepest level of a massive, high-security subterranean installation with a relay of several Avengers. As one Avenger falls, the next takes their place—once all Heroes are downed, the mission is lost. This 14-floor gauntlet of a mission will test your individual skills since it is single-player only. Having multiple Heroes at Power Level 130 will exponentially increase your chance of completing it. Last Avenger Standing is also the last step of the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain.


  • Appropriate Gear      
    • Exotic Gear (Guaranteed Once Weekly, Small Chance Afterwards)



Mega Hive

This is a Weekly mission chain and the most challenging Hive in the game. You are tasked to complete 4 Hive missions in a gauntlet that are similar to normal Hives, but more challenging. Each Hive step progresses through the Gauntlet of Heroes mission chain. Heroes must be at least Power Level 130 to attempt the Mega Hive. When one Hero is downed at any stage, another will take their place. If all eligible Heroes are downed, you will need to start from the beginning. The Mega Hive can be played single-player or with friends.


Completing the Mega Hive rewards players with two guaranteed Exotics from the Hivemind Gear Set, an Epic Minor Artifact and a good amount of Polychoron and Upgrade Modules.


Tachyon Rift

They are time sensitive multiplayer missions where you have 1 minute on the clock and must grab time rifts to add to the clock so it doesn’t strike zero. You will also be facing enemies with shields on them, but with the benefit of Heroic abilities charging at a faster rate.


Completing this mission once a day will reward you with Cosmic Status gear, with a chance of receiving an Exotic from the Storm Gear Set, as well as Upgrade Modules and an Epic Minor Artifact.


Flashback Missions

These are throwback missions that change daily with more of a challenge and more rewards from a variety of mission types, which can include Heroic Missions, Threat Sectors, Faction Missions, and more.


Completing the daily Flashback Mission grants Legendary Hero Set Gear at Power Level 100 and Upgrade Modules.

Omega-Level Threat

These are currently the hardest mission type in the game, where Power Level 140 and a full team of 4 players is required. Currently, there is only one of these, Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion. These missions will challenge you with harder encounters, co-op mechanics and a challenging Villain fight at the end.

Here’s a tip from GrimheerGaming on how to defeat the Super-Adaptoid – Make sure you have a solid Defense rating of around 1500-1800 in order to help with being one-shotted by the Super-Adaptoid. Also any Cosmic surge buff pieces and reduction to Cosmic damage (found in Minor Artifacts) will be very useful as the Super-Adaptoid deals Cosmic damage with their attacks.


Completing this mission type once a week will reward you with two Exotics from the Omega Set Gear, an Epic Minor Artifact and a good amount of Polychoron and Upgrade Modules.


Our very first Raid, Discordant Sound, against Klaw will come out later in 2021!