Marvel’s Avengers Beginner’s Guide 1: Campaigns, Operations, & Avengers Initiative

Black Panther leaps into battle against AIM robots

Welcome to Marvel’s Avengers! This guide will help you understand everything about the game from the single-player experience to the massive multiplayer experience full of different missions, gear builds, and Heroes. If you’re ever confused about a specific term or feature, head to this guide. As the game changes over time, we’ll make sure to update it so this will always be the latest information available. This project is in collaboration with our wonderful community members from Twitter, Discord, and Reddit. If you have a tip you’d like to submit to be featured here, let us know on Discord!

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I. Campaigns & Operations, & Avenger’s Initiative

II. Gear

III. Mission Types

IV. Heroes

Campaigns & Operations


Kamala Khan walks down the Avengers red carpet at the A-Day celebration

The Reassemble Campaign is the beginning of the Marvel’s Avengers storyline. After the A-Day disaster that killed thousands and created a population of Inhumans, the mighty Avengers disbanded. In the vacuum they left behind, the mega-corporation AIM stepped in as the savior who would protect the world with technology, not superpowers. They pledged to “help” Inhumans, keep the peace through surveillance, and made any support of the Avengers taboo. But there remain some people who resist AIM’s technocratic rule and defy their dogma—people who still believe in the Avengers. People like Kamala Khan, devoted fangirl, fanfiction writer, and secret Inhuman. Follow her in her journey across the world to reunite the Avengers, take on AIM, and become the Hero she always was.

The Reassemble Campaign is single-player for the most part. From the Main Menu, select the “Campaign” tab at the bottom left and choose your desired difficulty. The Reassemble Campaign will then begin!

By playing through the entire Reassemble Campaign, you can get:

  • Sacred Norn Stone of Lethal Will
  • Tactigon Artifact
  • Ms. Marvel’s Stark Tech and D.I.Y. Outfits
  • Hulk’s Stark Tech and Unbroken Outfits
  • Iron Man’s Stark Tech, Prototype Armor, and Starboost Armor Outfits
  • Thor’s Stark Tech and Samaritan Outfits
  • Black Widow’s Stark Tech and Tactical Outfits
  • Captain America’s Stark Tech and Secret Cure Outfits

You don’t need to have completed the Reassemble Campaign to begin the subsequent Operations or the War for Wakanda expansion, but we highly suggest you do as these stories take place after and build upon the events in the Reassemble Campaign.

The following Operations can be played single-player or up to four-person co-op. At the home screen (the “Play” page at the top of the screen), find the tab at the bottom left named “Operations”. From here, you can select your desired campaign. You can start Operations via the Avengers Initiative as well.

Kate Bishop strolls casually past downed AIM robots

Taking AIM

Taking AIM introduces us to our first post-launch playable Hero, Kate Bishop, a master archer, skilled gymnast, and expert of sarcasm and snark. She was on the fast-track to becoming an Avenger when the A-Day disaster struck, effectively nullifying that path. At a loss in a world without the Avengers, Kate teams up with her mentor Clint Barton to investigate Nick Fury’s mysterious disappearance. However, during their search, they uncover AIM’s secret new enterprise: the Tachyon Project. While investigating AIM’s plans and tracking down time-warping Tachyon Rifts, Clint also goes missing. Adrift, alone, and with more questions than answers, Kate decides to work with the reassembled Avengers once again to thwart AIM, find Clint, and become an Avenger in her own right.

By playing through the entire Taking AIM Operation, you can get:

  • Vishanti Appendix XIII Artifact

Clint Barton's Hawkeye stands in the shadow of the hulk-like Maestro

Future Imperfect

Though he returned to the safety of the Helicarrier and reunited with the Avengers at the end of Taking AIM, peril follows Hawkeye; shortly after arriving, he falls into a coma. He experiences an alarming vision of the future and finally awakens weeks later, puzzled and defeated by what he has seen. Meanwhile, the head of AIM, Monica Rappaccini, is experimenting with cosmic energy so powerful that it can destroy reality itself—power that definitely should not be left in her evil hands. The two Hawkeyes Clint Barton and Kate Bishop must get to the bottom of a conspiracy involving a bridge through time, the missing Nick Fury, and familiar faces of allies and enemies alike in the merciless Wasteland humanity once called their home: future Earth, broken by the Kree invasion and barren of almost all life. Armed with his bow, sword, and knowledge of the grim events to come, it’s ultimately up to Clint to stop the end of the world.

Future Imperfect introduces Hawkeye as a playable Hero! Better known as Hawkeye, Clint is a master archer, swordsman, and loving dog dad. Though he struggles with feeling like a true part of the Avengers team, he is the key to unraveling AIM’s secret Tachyon Project. Through him, you’ll get acquainted with the Wasteland biome. It is Earth many years in the future, an unrecognizable arid desert home only to the dust and silence of a lifeless world.

By playing through the entire Future Imperfect Operation, you can get:

  • Void Tech Transponder Artifact

Black Panther stands in front of a jungle throne guarded by his Wakanda Royal Guard

War for Wakanda

A lush jungle disguises the advanced nation of Wakanda, unconquered and unknown to the world for millennia. It is the home of the Black Panther and sole location of the world’s Vibranium—an extraordinary, incredibly sought-after metal. A metal that several parties would kill for.

Though Monica was thwarted by Clint in Future Imperfect, she’s nothing if not coldly persistent, and her eyes are set on her next prize: Wakanda’s Vibranium. She employs Ulysses Klaue, a dangerously charismatic arms dealer with a personal vendetta. Their armies lay siege to the nation, ready to take its Vibranium by any means necessary.

King T’Challa is the Black Panther, devoted protector and current ruler of Wakanda. Blindsided by the betrayal against his father and the resulting tragedy, T’Challa finds it difficult to entrust this duty to anyone else—even his sister Shuri—for fear of their loyalty and lives. He is determined to stop the invasion himself, putting his life on the line to protect his beloved home. As his people are harmed, his buildings destroyed, and his nation’s own technology turned against him, he must decide: can he trust Shuri, the Avengers, and Wakanda itself? Or will he continue to wage this war alone?

War for Wakanda is our biggest content drop to date, and brings with it a brand new Wakandan jungle biome, many Wakandan outposts outfitted with the nation’s technology and architecture, new missions and puzzles, fan favorite characters, new enemies and villains, and, of course, the Black Panther himself as a playable Hero!

By playing through the entire War for Wakanda Expansion, you can get:

  • Kimoyo Band Artifact

You can replay any of these Campaigns and Operations at any time by going to the War Table and going to the Operation Selector. Proceed to reset your progress and experience these stories all over again with your current gear, Hero levels, cosmetics, and Skills.

Avengers Initiative

Black Panther lunges toward an AIM robot

Reigning Supreme

As you may have seen in the ending to the Reassemble Campaign, Monica Rappaccini is now the head of AIM and retains her hunger for technological – and biological – advancement. It’s up to the Avengers to find out what she has planned and to stop it at all costs.

The Reigning Supreme Mission Chain can be viewed in the Objectives menu and requires you to complete nine different missions, each with their own set of objectives. Each of these nine steps introduces you to a different type of mission and activity you can partake in that will grant you all the rewards you need along with continuing each Hero’s individual narratives.


  • Appropriate Gear (Exotic Gear in Last Avenger Standing)
  • Upgrade Modules
  • Iconic Outfits
  • Norn Stone of Alliance Epic Artifact that can grant a Willpower (Health) Boost upon activation.
  • Completing the entire chain will grant you the Darkhold Exotic Artifact, which can unleash an explosion of dark energy.
  • SHIELD and Inhuman Alliance Faction XP

Heroic Mission Chains

Further down the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain is the Heroic Avengers Mission Chain. These Mission Chains also open up during the Reassemble Campaign after each Avengers is recruited back into the Avengers, so you don’t have to wait until Reigning Supreme to complete them. Finish all six Avengers’ Heroic Missions in order to complete this step, which will reward you will the Ring of Nibelung Exotic Artifact that generates a random bounty of Regen Packs, Heroic Orbs, or Intrinsic Orbs.

Heroic Missions were unlocked over the course of the Reassemble Campaign and chances are, you may have already completed a few of them. Each Heroic Mission expands upon one of the original six Avengers’ narratives and gives you a glimpse as to what they’re up to during the course of the game complete with additional cinematics and rewards.


  • Iconic Outfits
  • Appropriate Gear
  • Ring of Nibelung Exotic Artifact that generates a random bounty of Regen Packs, Heroic Orbs, and Intrinsic Orbs upon activation.

Last Avenger Standing

Fight through to the deepest level of a massive, high-security subterranean installation with a relay of several Avengers. As one Avenger falls, the next takes their place—once all Heroes are downed, the mission is lost. This 14-floor gauntlet of a mission will test your individual skills since it is single-player only. Having multiple Heroes at Power Level 130 will exponentially increase your chance of completing it. Last Avenger Standing is also the last step of the Reigning Supreme Mission Chain.


  • Appropriate Gear       
    • Exotic Gear (Guaranteed Once Weekly, Small Chance Afterwards)

Daily and Weekly Challenges (Factions and Challenge Card)


It’s during Reigning Supreme where you’ll be introduced to the two Factions: SHIELD and the Inhuman Alliance. Accept Daily Assignments and Villain Sectors from the Faction Terminals in any Outpost to earn various resources. You can find the two Faction Coordinators or consoles to speak to them remotely in any outpost regardless of where they are in person.


Completing their assignments will grant Faction XP that increases the respective Faction Level. Rewards for leveling up Faction Level include Upgrade Modules, gear, and Norn Stone Artifacts. Assignments also reward you with Polychoron, a resource you’ll need to level up your Artifacts.

Challenge Cards

Depicts outfits and rewards associated with Hawkeye's in-game challenge card.

Each Hero has a Challenge Card located in the center of the Character Menu UI. Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges will grant you Challenge Points, which will unlock various rewards as you go. These Challenges are often easy to complete, but if you don’t like a certain one, you can always refresh one of them. There are also some creative ways to complete these challenges like Dismantling a Minor Artifact in order to get Uru rather than looking for it.

All six of the core Heroes have free Challenge Cards. Any post-launch Heroes such as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye, and Black Panther have free paths, but also paid paths that you can get for 1000 Credits. The best part is that you can earn Credits from completing the core Heroes’ Challenge Cards!


Each Hero’s Challenge Card contains different rewards such as Outfits, Emotes, Resources, Units, and Credits.

Exotic Gear Mission Chains (Where do I get Exotics?)

Once you have a Hero that is Level 50 and Power Level 130-150, the chase for the best gear begins! Please see our gear section for the basics, including stats, Perks, and upgrading. Exotic Gear is often the best gear you’ll find, but also the rarest. There are a few ways to get Exotic Gear, which we have mapped out below. All of these are accepted through the War Table.

Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion – In our most difficult mission type, Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion offers two guaranteed Omega Set Exotics per week. This is four-player only and requires invites or matchmaking.

Mega Hive – Consisting of 4 floors, the Mega Hive is doable in single-player or multiplayer. Completing the Mega Hive will grant you two pieces of Hivemind Exotic Gear once per week.

Priority Mission – The Priority Mission changes every week where the first weekly completion will grant a piece of Exotic Gear.

Beating the Odds – Defeat Monica Rappaccini in this mesmerizing Villain Sector for a chance to get a piece of Storm Exotic Gear once per week.

Last Avenger Standing – In this massive 14-floor gauntlet, there is always a small chance of getting a piece of Exotic Gear upon completion.

Tachyon Missions – The first completion per day for the Tachyon Rifts have a chance to grant a piece of Storm Exotic Gear.

Events – We have rotating events such as Tachyon Anomaly, Red Room Takeover, and Corrupted Vibranium that all grant different Exotic Gear in their main Mission Chain.

Here’s SonicPhoto on how to get all Exotic Gear as of August 2021 – Marvel’s Avengers – New How to get Exotic Gear Rewards August 2021 Update (Guide)

Multiplayer Mission Chains

Complete Rise and Shine, a Daily where you’ll need to complete a War Zone with at least one other player. There’s also a Weekly version of this mission called Up for the Challenge.


Rise and Shine rewards you with Upgrade Modules and Fragments while Up for the Challenge rewards you with a Hero’s Catalyst, Fragment Extractor, and Units.