Marvel’s Avengers: Everything You Need to Know about Day One

By now you know what to expect from Marvel’s Avengers on day one:                    

  • A Full-length campaign featuring an original Avengers narrative           
  • 6 Heroes, each with 50+ skills to upgrade + gear/outfits to unlock          
  • 80+ War Zones/Drop Zones to play with friends or your AI Avengers           
  • Regularly updated Priority HARM Challenges & Priority Missions            
  • Later game mission types like Hives and Villain Sectors          
  • 50+ enemy types to master           
  • And in the future, new playable Avengers like Hawkeye, as well as new story content and regions – all at no additional cost                    

In addition to all of the above, we wanted to arm you with other important info that ensures you’re ready to go on September 4. This week we’re dropping daily blog posts that outline Everything You Need to Know about Marvel’s Avengers. Today, we are starting with details on Square Enix Membership requirements, the Day One Patch, and more! Let’s go!           

BEFORE LAUNCH           


For those of you who played the Marvel’s Avengers Beta, you’ll already have a free Square Enix Members account tied to your game profile.            

Your Square Enix Members account is the gateway to redeem promotional pre-launch codes, and for Marvel’s Avengers post-launch content, including new heroes, new missions, and new regions at no additional cost. While not required for Reassemble campaign single-player missions, the free account is required for entering the Avengers Initiative to play co-op with your friends in the full game.           

We recommend that anyone planning on buying the game should register their account early, so you’re not caught in potential launch-day email delays. In fact, everyone who signs up for an account will receive an exclusive Thor nameplate!           

Visit to sign up for your Square Enix Members account.           


Marvel’s Avengers features co-op play with up to a total of four players. As is standard practice for the consoles, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold accounts are needed to access online play.          

More Information:                     

EARLY ACCESS          

While Marvel’s Avengers’ launch is officially September 4, 72-hour Early Access is granted for those who pre-order one of three editions:                    

  • PlayStation Store Exclusive Digital Edition           
  • Deluxe Edition          
  • Earth’s Mightiest Edition                     

For early-access eligible digital editions of Marvel’s Avengers, the game will unlock at:                  

  • PS4: September 1 – Rolling Midnight Release          
  • Xbox One: September 1 – Rolling Midnight Release           
  • Stadia: September 1 – 9:00 AM PDT          
  • PC: September 1 – 9:00 AM PDT                  

You can find more details on the unique editions of Marvel’s Avengers here.           



You can pre-order Marvel’s Avengers any time prior to the September 4 launch and still get access to the pre-order perks.                    

  • PS4: September 4 – Rolling Midnight Release          
  • Xbox One: September 4 – Rolling Midnight Release           
  • Stadia: September 4 – 9:00 AM PDT          
  • PC: September 4 – 9:00 AM PDT                   

We know fans are most excited about unlocking the Marvel Legacy Outfits, inspired by moments from the comics that defined each Avenger on their journey to becoming the icons they are today.           

To get the full rundown on Pre-order Perks, check out this article.       

AT LAUNCH             


Those who purchase a physical copy of Marvel’s Avengers will need to connect to the internet one time in order to download the game’s Day One Patch. The patch is approximately 18GB in size. Those who purchase the game digitally will receive the patch along with the game’s initial download.           

After the day-one patch download is complete, an internet connection will not be required to play the game solo, although as mentioned above, you’ll need an active internet connection to play online co-op, and to download post-launch content including new heroes, new missions, and new regions for free.           

While we were able to adjust development to a work-from-home environment quickly, we did lose a bit of production time in the transition. As hard as we tried, there were several updates and refinements that we could not get into the game, but plan to address with the Day One Patch to ensure everyone has the same great experience at launch.            

The Day One Patch includes several updates and refinements that are required for play. Additionally, the patch includes localization files for the game’s dialogue, which are quite extensive, as we are localizing Marvel’s Avengers in 15 different languages.           

The Day One Patch is also important as it includes lots of fixes, feedback, updates, and tuning from our Beta weekends. Over the last three weekends, millions of you have played the game for tens of millions of hours and killed hundreds of millions of AIM enemies. Your participation has been of immense value to us as we work to squash bugs, tune performance, and finalize game balance. We hope you will see and feel it when you play the final game!           

WHEN CAN I GET IT?           

We also wanted to give you an update on when global servers will go live and you can start playing the game!          

From the beginning, our overall vision for Marvel’s Avengers has always been one where players would assemble online to protect the Earth and battle the forces of AIM as a team. While the entire game can be played solo with companion AI, the game has been designed as a seamless online experience, where players would transition from the single-player campaign to joining with friends in co-op missions as part of the Avengers Initiative.          

As a result, everyone will need to wait until the servers officially go live on September 1st to start playing. It is important for us that matchmaking servers are populated because co-op is a fully integrated part of the experience.          

Still have questions about Square Enix Members, the Day One Patch, or Pre-order Perks? Let us know on social!           

Tomorrow we’ll run through Everything you Need to Know about accessibility in Marvel’s Avengers, followed by an overview of online play on Thursday, a rundown of gear and cosmetics on Friday, a Beta postmortem on Saturday, and a look at the weekly gameplay ritual on Sunday!