Corrupted Vibranium Event Begins on August 19!

Hello, my name is Brian Waggoner and I am a Systems Designer here at Crystal Dynamics with some exciting news on an upcoming limited time event in Marvel’s Avengers that will begin on August 19th: the Corrupted Vibranium Event! Corrupted Vibranium clusters have begun appearing across the globe and the Avengers have been tasked with destroying them to prevent the corruption from spreading.

The Corrupted Vibranium Event’s clusters will begin appearing on August 19th and last for two weeks until September 2nd. The following missions will have Corrupted Vibranium clusters that will need to be destroyed:

  • Our Town – Utah Badlands
  • Inhuman Condition – Utah Badlands
  • …And We’re Back – Eastern Seaboard
  • Enter: The Avengers – Eastern Seaboard
  • Stark Realities – Pacific Northwest
  • Here Comes the Pain – Wakanda
  • From Bad to Worse – Wakanda
  • 24/7 Vibranium – Wakanda

Unique missions are available for each Hero (including Black Panther) that will task you with performing specific feats in Corrupted Vibranium Threat Sectors. Completing these mission chains will reward you with gear that has the Vibranium status effect – which turns all damage dealt to affected enemies into a large kinetic explosion that can hit other enemies and set off chain reactions.

Additional Vibranium status items are available from completing Vibranium Threat Sectors during the event. Each completed Threat Sector will award either a melee or ranged item with the status effect. More items can be obtained from the Wakandan Gear Vendor, N’lix in his specialty stock. There, you will find other items at higher Power Levels that will apply a new Sonic status effect! The Sonic status effect turns enemies into mobile recharge stations – as long the heroes are near the affected target they will regenerate a portion of their Heroic and Intrinsic meters.

There is a team nameplate that can be obtained by completing The Indestructible Element mission.

Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther – War for Wakanda will launch on August 17th – free for owners of the game. Make sure to watch the dedicated WAR TABLE on August 16th!