Reassemble Campaign Replay and Customizable HARM Rooms arrive in Marvel’s Avengers!

Hello True Believers! We’re excited to introduce to you two exciting and highly-requested new features coming to Marvel’s Avengers on March 18: Reassemble Campaign Replay and Custom HARM Rooms!

Reassemble Campaign Replay

Ever since each of you experienced the Reassemble Campaign at launch, we’ve heard you asking to be able to replay that journey again. We were humbled by the love and support for Kamala and for our original Avengers story. Since then, we’ve been hard at work to make it happen. We’re thrilled to finally roll out Campaign Replay!

The Campaign Replay allows you to replay the entire Reassemble Campaign from the beginning. It works by resetting your campaign progress to the start of the story, meaning that you will have to play the campaign over from the first mission. While your data tracking campaign progress will be reverted, you will not lose any player progression like XP, character progress, and collectibles obtained up until this point.

Replaying the Reassemble Campaign is simple: when available, the “Reset Campaign Progress” option will appear in the Operation Picker button legend bar for the Reassemble Campaign, next to the “Continue” option. When selected, a warning notification will show up onscreen clarifying what will and won’t be reset, and ask for your confirmation. When you’re ready, hit “Continue” to move forward with the reset and enjoy replaying the Reassemble storyline again! You can reset your campaign progress as many times as you like.

Keep in mind that the Campaign Reset button will only be available on the operation picker once you’ve progressed past the opening cinematic and into A-Day gameplay in the Reassemble Campaign. Once Kamala has disembarked from the Quinjet, the Campaign Reset option will be available upon returning to the main menu from this point forward. You will need to reach this availability threshold each time you reset the campaign.

Since we know the community loves re-experiencing the story, future Operations will be designed to be replayable by default, so you can dive back into the cinematic action to your heart’s content!

HARM Room (Custom)

Many members of the Community have expressed the desire to tailor the HARM room for a personal Super Hero training experience. We’re happy to announce that customizable HARM rooms are on the way!

The HARM Room (Custom) is accessible via the War Table. After a tutorial that will guide you through the process on your first entry into the HARM Room (Custom), you can use the console to customize your combat experience with modifiers like enemy types, enemy numbers, different environmental hazards like fire and electricity, difficulty, and buffs!

Want to see how you fare alone with no buffs against a gigantic horde of brutal-difficulty Adaptoids as hellfire billows around you? There’s a HARM room for that. Feel more like equipping every buff possible and smashing droves of puny Synthoids beneath you? There’s a HARM room for that too. These customizable HARM Rooms are a great resource to test the limits and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your Hero builds, as well as a great place to just have fun!

We look forward to seeing the community enjoy the Reassemble Campaign once more, as well as what kinds of HARM rooms you cook up! Both of these new features will come on March 18 along with Hawkeye, the Future Imperfect Operation, and the next-gen versions on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. We couldn’t have done this without your support and encouraging feedback. Keep it coming! Thank you for being with us to shape the future of Marvel’s Avengers!