Marvel’s Avengers – Black Friday Sale

Just like the title states, Marvel’s Avengers is on sale for up to 50% off for a limited time as part of our Black Friday sale! All dates, discounts, and platforms are under different schedules and dependent on territory. Please check the schedule below – additional dates and discounts may be added throughout the week.   



  • PlayStation 4: 50% Off – 11/20-11/30   
  • Xbox One: 50% Off – 11/20-12/03   
  • Steam: 50% Off – 11/20-12/01   
  • Stadia: 50% Off – 11/24-12/01      


Retailers around the world are taking part in this Black Friday Sale. Please contact your local retailer as discounts and promotional dates may vary from country to country.   

For New or Returning Players  

Almost three months have passed since Marvel’s Avengers launched on September 4. Along the way, our amazing community has provided feedback that has had a direct impact on the game, including the highlights below:      

  • Captain America can smash doors with his shield throw to access locked areas   
  • All Super Heroes can now sprint in bases such as the Helicarrier, Ant Hill, and SHIELD Substation Zero   
  • All Faction Missions can be obtained in any base – previously players had to go to each base to accept their respective missions   
  • Option to scale subtitle and closed captions size   
  • Closed captions will no longer be automatically displayed in cinematics   
  • Ability to preview Cosmetic Vendor items   
  • Captain America’s shield run now damages enemies   
  • Tuned enemy ranged attacks      

Finally, we have upcoming features and new content coming that will both give everyone more to play and allow for an improved experience such as:      

  • The ability to replay Reassemble Campaign (currently in testing)   
  • A Ping System for smoother multiplayer communication (currently in testing)   
  • AIM Cloning Lab – An Omega-Level Threat that will require a team of four high-Power Level characters to complete   
  • Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM – An operation coming on December 8 that introduces a new playable Super Hero Kate Bishop and continues the story from where the Reassemble Campaign left off      

Please keep the feedback coming! There is so much more we have planned for Marvel’s Avengers, including more fixes and quality of life improvements, and of course, new content, new Super Heroes, and new stories to tell. Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us during these trying times. We greatly appreciate it. See you on the Helicarrier!