Inaugural Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE Summary

The first Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE stream has concluded!       

From the threat of MODOK revealed to a showcase on how co-op gameplay works, and from a high-flying hero mission featuring Thor to getting into the nitty gritty about combat, we hope the stream made you just as excited as we are. In case you missed it, we’ll be giving a summary in this article, complete with each of the three trailers embedded below.      


The MODOK Threat Trailer

George Tarleton, one of the founding members of Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), has dreamt of a world made better through science. But he was present at A-Day, the day that changed him forever. In the ensuing chaos, Tarleton became an Inhuman and gained powers he despises, seeing all Inhumans as sick.       

He now vows to use AIM’s newfound hold on the world to cure Inhumans of their disease so that the world can finally be safe from superpowers, even if it has to end with him. Through this vision, he becomes the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, also known as MODOK.      

Kamala Khan doesn’t buy into his vision of a better future, and instead, decides to use her newfound powers to try and prove that the Avengers were innocent on A-Day. It’s in this journey that she will become Ms. Marvel, a beacon of hope for world.      


Co-op War Zones Trailer 

AIM is a worldwide threat that will send the Avengers across the globe to battle injustice. In addition to Hero Missions, which are single-player, there are War Zone Missions that can be played with a team of up to four or solo. War Zone missions expand upon the main story and gives glimpses of the atrocities that AIM is conducting around the world. Some of these are Iconic Missions, which sees each Avenger tackling their own chain of events and expands upon their individual stories. Doing these can unlock various items like oufits!      

Taking on AIM requires a team and support system, which is where the helicarrier and factions come into play. As the story progresses, the helicarrier will be upgraded and feature different ways to help. You can choose to aid SHIELD and the Inhuman Resistance in their own battles against AIM in Faction Missions. The world is yours to explore!      


Once An Avenger Gameplay Video

On a stormy night in the skies, the helicarrier is about to crash into New York, unless Thor has something to say about it. In this Campaign Mission, called Once An Avenger, Thor must work together with the rest of the Avengers and use his mighty powers to prevent another disaster from occurring.      

See you in the next Marvel’s Avengers WAR TABLE!