Marvel’s Avengers – War Table Weekly Blog #120

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog, where we give you the scoop on game news, Marketplace updates, and more!

Weekly Updates

  • Surprise! Triple-XP continues for Captain America until Dec. 22. In addition, this week will be a Triple-XP week for Iron Man mains as well!
  • The Cosmic Threat event continues for its second week in rotation as the active limited-time event. Investigate the trails of dangerous cosmic energy appearing around the world and earn gear for your roster.
  • Bucky’s ‘White Wolf’ Outfit is the specialty item in Shipments until Jan. 6! This Outfit is guaranteed on your 100th Shipments claim, and each Shipment costs 250 Units.


Marketplace Updates

Felt cute. Might order some shawarma later.

A new Outfit for Iron Man arrives in the Marketplace, inspired by Tony’s look in Marvel Studios’ ‘The Avengers.’

Additionally, a new unmasked variant of Captain America’s Outfit inspired by Marvel Studios’ ‘The Avengers’ arrives in the Marketplace today! The masked and unmasked variants can be purchased individually or combined as part of a bundle.

We’re running an Iron Man sale in the Marketplace this week! With the exception of his new MCU-inspired Outfit, all Iron Man items are 50% off, including:

  • All MCU and non-MCU Outfits
  • Takedowns
  • Emotes
  • Nameplates

Your free Marketplace item this week is a 2-hr Hero’s Catalyst, which earns you Double-XP for your favorite Heroes! (This is additive to our Triple-XP events this week for both Captain America and Iron Man!)

Amazon Prime Gaming Members! Don’t forget to claim your free Iron Man-themed Drop before Jan. 12, that includes:

  • Iron Man’s ‘Illustrious’ Outfit
  • Iron Man-themed Nameplate
  • 3-Day Fragment Extractor
  • 3-Day Hero’s Catalyst

Claim your Drop HERE.

*Photo cred for this week’s featured image goes to community member @TheJumpMan98!