Marvel’s Avengers – War Table Weekly Blog – Week #103

"Marvel Avengers - War Table Blog"

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog, where we give you the scoop on game news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more!

  • Shipments have reset! From 8/18 to 9/1, Hawkeye’s Outfit inspired by his look in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War is the new specialty item! Just like the last time, the number of Shipments you must claim to guarantee earning the Outfit is reduced from 100 to 50, that way you have a better chance of earning this fan-favorite Outfit before Shipments reset again on 9/1!
  • The Rooskaya Protocols Event returns from 8/18 to 9/1! Earn Exotic and Legendary gear for your full roster by completing event mission chains. (Pro tip! Completing the Rooskaya Protocols Daily Quest earns you a bonus 500 Units during this time period, which you can use to claim two Shipments!)
  • Speaking of bonus Units! Completing Villain Sectors from 8/18 to 8/25 also earns you a bonus 500 Units on top of the normal rewards. So go give Monica a run for her money in Beating the Odds, and get your sweet, sweet bonus!
  • Hulk wants to bulk. Enjoy Triple XP for the big green guy from 8/18 – 8/25!

Have an Amazon Prime Gaming account? Enjoy free goodies! A Hulk-tastic Drop awaits you, containing Hulk’s Maestro Outfit, a Hulk-themed Nameplate, a three-day Hero’s Catalyst, and a three-day Fragment Extractor!

It’s free stuff! What are you waiting for?! Claim your Drop here:

Hulk's in-game Maestro Outfit

ICYMI: Read our update on the future of Marvel’s Avengers! Including a new villain-centric Warzone in Update 2.6, the release of a new Omega-Level Threat (AIM’s Cloning Lab!), and a new Hero for all players: The Winter Soldier.

Read our Development Update HERE.

A teaser image of our upcoming Hero: The Winter Soldier! "Marketplace Update"

Marketplace Update

She’s bringing the rainbow. Pick up the Mighty Thor’s Outfit inspired by her look in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder in the Marketplace today! (Then send us Photo Mode shots wearing it. Odin demands it!)

A beauty shot of The Mighty Thor's Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder Outfit!

They’ll be right back – they’re working on their tan. Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow’s “Sunny Days” Outfits are now available in a discounted bundle if you’ve been holding out on their summer wardrobe. Pick them up in the Marketplace today!

"Sunny Days" Outfit bundle featuring Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man

Hulk sees sale. Hulk buys things! From 8/18 to 8/25, enjoy 50% off all non-MCU Hulk Outfits in the Marketplace, as well as all of Hulk’s Takedowns, Emotes, and Nameplates.

Your free item this week is a two-hour Hero’s Catalyst! (Hero’s Catalysts are additive to other XP bonuses. If you want to level up your Hulk real quick, try activating your Hero’s Catalyst while his Triple XP bonus is active!)

Cap’s been doing some core work! The Super Soldier Serum Bundle is a new addition to the Marketplace this week, featuring Cap’s “American Dream” Outfit and the new ab-bier version “American Ideal.” If you already own “American Dream,” you can claim “American Ideal” for free by purchasing the bundle from the Marketplace. (In other words, there’s no cost to the bundle if you already own “American Dream.”

A screenshot of this week's in-game Marketplace!

The Marketplace is a place for us to feature purchasable cosmetics in the form of Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. The Marketplace’s Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items rotate weekly and can be purchased with Credits.

Photo cred for this week’s banner image goes to community member @RetroEvening26!