Patch Notes v2.7.2 

"Marvel's Avengers. Patch Notes"

Release Timing: 

  • PlayStation: Jan. 24 
  • Xbox: Jan. 24 
  • Steam: Jan. 24 
  • Stadia: Jan. 24 


  • We’ve adjusted Exotic gear and the Ultimo-Stone minor artifact stat growth at Power Levels 167, 171, and 175, which we found were undertuned.  An example of this new stat growth is that exotic 2 stat gear can reach 132 per attribute. 
  • Pym, Cryo, Gamma, and Web status can now fully stack on either of Monica’s Exos in the final encounter of ‘No Rest for the Wicked.’  
  • We added several collision boxes during the final boss encounter in ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ to prevent clipping through the room.  
  • That’s not canon! Bucky will no longer appear in the Helicarrier as an NPC when you play as the Winter Soldier. 
  • We fixed an issue causing vendors not to carry certain gear if the player was PL 180 or above.  


  • The file icon that is displayed in the audio file reward banner is no longer off-center.
  • The Winter Soldier’s ‘Winter Kills’ mission chain now properly displays all rewards. 



  • Players can now switch between the Winter Soldier’s ranged settings without the Hero becoming stuck. 
  • We added the correct sounds to Winter Soldier’s in-air Ultimate Heroic.
  • The Winter Soldier’s sound effects when using the ‘Stone Cold Kick’ and ‘Explosive Entrance’ skills are now correct!
  • The Winter Soldier’s ‘Soldier Tech’ Heroic Support Skill no longer provides an invisibility buff that exceeds the stipulated time
  • Spider-Man can no longer perform Wreckage Takedowns on Monica’s Exos in ‘No Rest for the Wicked.’  


  • Fixed a distortion on the chest crest of Hawkeye’s ‘Modern’ Outfit.  
  • The Starbrand on Hulk’s chest when wearing the ‘1,000,000 B.C.’ Outfit now illuminates properly.  
  • We fixed the face skin weighting on multiple Heroes to prevent facial rig deforming. 
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the High-Caliber loadout on Black Widow only granted one pistol for both hands during Takedowns. “No Such Thing As Too Much” and “A New Kind of Trust Fall” will now switch Black Widow to her pistols if she’s utilizing High-Caliber, only for the duration Takedown, and revert back to High-Caliber once finished.
  • We adjusted Thor’s Unhelmed Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ Thor’ to prevent clipping when performing certain emotes.  
  • The Winter Soldier’s ‘Galvanized Stealth’ skill will no longer cause other players to turn invisible when his ‘United in the Shadows’ skill isn’t active.  
  • Mjolnir and Undrjarn now illuminate as intended when the Mighty Thor uses the ‘Mjolnir Chat’ emote in Outposts.  



  • Hulks ‘Lethal Support Cryo Administrator’ perk now grants the correct nanites to allies.  
  • Iron Man’s ‘Support Cryo Boost’ perk no longer grants nanites when activating Hulkbaster, as intended. This perk should only activate Arc Overload and not with entering Hulkbuster.
  • The ‘Lethal Ranged Plasma Administrator’ perk on the new Cloning Lab gear no longer overrides the ‘Ultimate Lethal Plasma Administrator’ perk.