Marvel’s Avengers – War Table Weekly Blog – Week #125 

"Marvel's Avengers War Table Blog"

Welcome to our Marvel’s Avengers War Table Weekly Blog, where we give you the scoop on game news, patch notes, Marketplace updates, and more! 

Weekly Updates 

  • The Corrupted Vibranium event is your current limited-time event in rotation! Corrupted Vibranium spires are appearing all around the world. Complete event missions to earn powerful rewards for your favorite Heroes!
  • Time for some target practice! It’s a Triple-XP week for Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, from today through Jan. 26.
  • Iron Man’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3’ remains the Shipments specialty item until Feb. 2. Shipments only cost 50 Units this time around, and the Outfit is guaranteed on your 100th claim! 


Marketplace Updates 

Hear ye, hear ye! Kate Bishop’s ‘Lady Katherine’ Outfit arrives in the Marketplace this week! This comics-inspired Outfit depicts the look her doppelganger wears in “Secret Wars Journal (2015) #1.”  

Kate Bishop's 'Lady Katherine' Outfit

Clint Barton also gets new old-timey fashion today with his new ‘90s Glory’ Outfit, which depicts the Outfit he wears in “War Machine #18” when he teams up with Jim Rhodes to battle a monster in the woods!  

Hawkeye's '90s Glory' Outfit

We’re featuring both Hawkeye’s in this week’s Marketplace sale! From today until Jan. 26, enjoy 50% off the following for both Kate Bishop and Hawkeye: 

  • Most MCU- and non-MCU Outfits 
  • All Takedowns 
  • All Emotes 
  • All Nameplates 

Your free Marketplace item this week is a 2 hr. Fragment Extractor, which earns you double the fragments for two hours. Don’t forget to pick it up! 

A screenshot of this week's in-game Marketplace offerings.

Amazon Prime Gaming members can claim a free, Kate Bishop-themed Drop of in-game items, including: 

  • Kate’s ‘Hawkingbird’ Outfit 
  • Kate Bishop-themed Nameplate 
  • 3-Day Hero’s Catalyst 
  • 3-Day Fragment Extractor 

Claim it now: 

 *Photo Credit for this week’s featured image goes to community member @ArRoW-42