Reimbursement for Lost Units and Resources from Holiday Content Patch

When we published the Holiday Content Patch on November 30, there was an issue that caused some players to lose Units and Resources upon logging in. We discovered the cause of this issue and fixed it in the patch on December 1 (a.k.a. Patch 2.2c). This fix made it so that players who had not logged in since the Holiday Content Patch released would not lose Units and Fragments, but did not address those that this issue had already impacted.

We were able to determine that only players who had over 65,535 Units or 65,535 Fragments prior to the Holiday Content Patch were affected, meaning if you had less, you didn’t lose any Units or Fragments. We now have a solution for those players and would like to share it with you here.

We have prepared a grant for those players that will happen upon log-in sometime on December 15. We are calculating how many Units each of these players have earned in their entire lifetime of playing Marvel’s Avengers. Using this information, we are granting players who logged in between November 30 to December 1 (when the Holiday Content Patch went live to went Patch 2.2c was published) a number of Units and Fragments based on each player’s max lifetime earn.

Here is the breakdown for the grant:

What does this mean? If you earned a total of 260,000 Units and 26,000 Fragments in your entire time playing Marvel’s Avengers and logged in between November 30 to December 1 between the two patch times, you’ll automatically receive 500,000 Units and 100,000 Fragments when you log in.

Using this method, we are ensuring that any Unit or Fragment loss is more than made up for. Often times this grant will result in having more Units and Fragments than you actually lost, so enjoy your new pool of Units!

We hope this makes up for the issue and for the weeks leading up to our solution. Thank you for your patience regarding this issue and Happy Holidays!