New Starter Packs Available Now in First-Party Stores!

A group shot of Marvel's Avengers with a sunset background

We’re introducing a whole slew of new Starter Packs that are all themed off a specific Hero or dynamic duos! Each pack is available in first-party digital stores on PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia – these Starter Packs are not available in the in-game Marketplace or on Steam. Like the Hawkeye Heroic Starter Pack, each of these packs is a one-time purchase that contains multiple cosmetic items that are discounted when purchased together in a pack.

Even if you already have the items included in a pack, you’ll still get the Credits in the pack. You can get just one or get them all. Purchasing three Starter Packs will give you enough Credits to get one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired Outfits – and you’ll be getting all the other outfits, emotes, and nameplates that come with them at no additional cost!

The following Starter Packs cost $4.99 USD and contain an Epic outfit, Epic emote, and a nameplate:

Black Widow Heroic Starter Pack

  • Silent Fate Outfit
  • Test Fire Emote
  • Black Widow 031 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Captain America Heroic Starter Pack

  • First Avengers Outfit
  • Rally Up Emote
  • Captain America 007 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Hulk Heroic Starter Pack

  • Super Fit Outfit
  • Spectacles Emote
  • Hulk 019 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Iron Man Heroic Starter Pack

  • Bleeding Edge Outfit
  • Air Guitar Emote
  • Iron Man 043 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Ms. Marvel Heroic Starter Pack

  • Advanced Outfit
  • Fan Girl Emote
  • Ms. Marvel 062 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Thor Heroic Starter Pack

  • Young Thor Outfit
  • Hanging Around Emote
  • Thor 019 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


Kate Bishop Heroic Starter Pack

  • Hawking Bird Outfit
  • Blind Fire Emote
  • Kate Bishop 024 Nameplate
  • 500 Credits


The following Starter Packs cost $9.99 USD, are themed for two Heroes, and contain two Legendary outfits, two Legendary emotes, and two nameplates:

Rivalry Incredible Starter Pack

Iron Man and Captain America Theme

  • Illustrious and Ultimate Patriot Outfits
  • Fireworks and Shield Play Emotes
  • Iron Man 002 and Captain America 030 Nameplates
  • 1050 Credits


Godly Gamma Incredible Starter Pack

Hulk and Thor Theme

  • Gladiator and Unworthy Outfits
  • Too Easy and Bounce Emotes
  • Hulk 004 and Thor 035 Nameplates
  • 1050 Credits


Embiggened Espionage Incredible Starter Pack

Black Widow and Ms. Marvel Theme

  • Infiltrator and Battlesuit Outfits
  • Souvenir and Soda Emotes
  • Black Widow 009 and Ms. Marvel 060 Nameplates
  • 1050 Credits


Hawkeyes Incredible Starter Pack

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Theme

  • Young Avenger and Royal Ronin Outfits
  • Just a Moment and Here Boy Emotes
  • Kate Bishop 023 and Hawkeye 028 Nameplates
  • 1050 Credits

We can’t wait to see all your Photo Mode shots of the outfits you’ll get from these Starter Packs! Make sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram so we can share them!